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White Moccasin Flower

In remembrance of my Mother

February 13, 1914-- February 12, 1987



Creator let me walk in a way the I too may leave only soft tracks on the face of my Earth Mother.

Help me to remember that the steps I make must be good and strong yet gentle enough to not wake the ancestors.


Let me fallow the path my Mother's people have traveled before me.  


May I see the beauty of this life through her eyes. 


When I take from this Earth to feed my children I will pray as she has taught me too.


Help me to hold my friends close and my enemies closer. 


Let my life be one of giving to others so that they may learn the give-away. 


When I am rejected keep my heart from the anger and the hurt. 


Let me understand the pain that makes others fear me. 


Do not let their harsh words, and selfish ways make my heart forget the ways of my people.


In the times of cold and hunger let it be known that my lodge door is open to all who will enter.

The pot of soup and the fry bread is there for all who hunger, the fire for all who are cold.


The medicine plants for all who are in need. 


Grand mother open my ears and eyes to others who come to share and to heal. 


Let my heart and my lodge always have room to accept the needs of others. 


Help me to remember that Creator will always fill my every need when I am ready.


When the traveler comes into my lodge my they feel welcome and rested when they leave to continue their journey. 


Let there hearts be filled with the knowledge that they are family.

May there always be three generations under my lodge roof.  


The sound of children's laughter and  soft voices of the Elders  that speak the wisdom.


When I am no longer on this Earth, Grand Mother, and walk the long walk toward the setting sun. 


May the path where I have made my tracks, be filled with the white moccasin flowers, in remembrance of my Elders who walked before me.  



Mitakuye Oyasin - Waynonaha


In remembrance of my Mother,  who is in spirit, on her birthday.  She lived her life in a good way and left a path of flowers for those who may wish to some day walk this path.  February 13, 1914-- February 12, 1987. Mitakuye Oyasin Waynonaha


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