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Closer to 2012…

Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess


Magdala z

Beautiful Ones,


Another step of the pyramid we are embracing as we get closer to 2012…


At the place where the Waters comes out from the womb, a ceremony of three days took place, where Blue Star Woman show us the way of the new encounter of the power that human being has, for the world of the enchanted flower is here, and human being is awakening into their own realization of the self.


Human being is ready now to embrace the power given since the beginning of time, powers that will awaken into a higher consciousness, and a new way to perceive reality…


She has always been here, leading the way, she was hidden for the ones that cannot see, she was in silence for the ones that cannot heard, She has recognize you inside of her, can you recognize her in you? She is the medicine, and the way, she is the door of the world of the enchanted flower, and the door is wide open, for her love is the way…


Many shakings will have this planet, for the floor where people is standing in the sacred dance is moving, now, human being is able to stand at the new world, and the new perception have been born for the many, for there is many worlds after that that will be awaken in the consciousness of the people.


The secret is in the non-time, in the place of the virtual reality, at the bridal chamber within the self, in the holy place where sacredness resides, the place where cause and effect met, the alpha and the omega, the male and female, When human being is able to embrace the non-time within the self, the power is awaken of the many spaces within.


The power of truth has been awaken in the human being, for all that was bounded now is free, for have always been free, for the lies fall when the truth comes, for the Great Spirit is ageless and truth never dies.


Love is the most powerful of them all, for love will consummate the flame, the divine spark that resides in the holy place within the self, She has come here to consummate all the religions and traditions, she has come here to consummate you, And through this integration you will encounter your other you… Stop yearn for love, for you are love….Joy is her ways…




I am you

In lakesh




February 7  Minneapolis, MN Seminar


March     YUCATAN (still we have some space,

April     Vision Quest for men and women, send me an email if you are coming…


May     Feminine intensive 5 days seminar and ceremony


June     Moon Dance   Women only


June 21     Serpent Mound,  OH. seminar and ceremony




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