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What Is Happening

To Mother Earth? 


Several hundred years ago a Frenchman named, ‘NOSTRADAMUS’ predicted the ‘End Of The World.’ More then two thousand years ago the ‘MAYAN’ culture also predicted the end of the world would come on a specific date (December 21, 2012) The Bible teaches that at a time when we do not expect the end of this world as we know it will be destroyed. Really, ask yourself, ‘Did the creator form this earth for nothing?’


All the predictions regarding the ‘End of The Earth’ tell of signs that would be present just before the destruction comes. Earth Quakes, Pestilences, Famines, Hurricanes, Tornados, Wars and Reports of Wars worldwide. Do we see these things happening today? Talk of ‘Global Warming’ has been in the news constantly. We see on Television where people in several countries are dying from hunger and pestilences. What are we personally doing to help our mother ‘The Earth’ to recover from these predictions? I for one do not believe that a loving creator would let humans destroy this beautiful place that he gave to us to care for.


From what I have gathered from all these predictions is that there is going to be ‘A CHANGE’ in the way humans have neglected to care for the earth. The Creator will soon cause mankind’s destructive ways to come to an end. Do not be afraid when you see these things coming, in just a short time the Creator will ‘Destroy those destroying the earth.’ Once again the responsibility to care for the earth will be placed on the chosen people. Sickness, Morning and Outcry will be no more. The earth will return to a paradise condition as it was intended when first created.


How will you help to bring our mother back into this condition? Each one of us has a responsibility to do whatever it takes to cleanse ‘Our Mother The Earth.’ Will you help? I will do all in my power to make our home a better place to live. Would it not be wonderful to see the sky and the forests and rivers cleaned up? Please help and your reward will be great. Live in peace and be blessed.


Hawk With Seven Eyes



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Daniel Hawk With Seven Eyes Hoffman is a founding member of the Taylorville Black Horse Powwow, Inc,' a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization. He has given presentations at schools in Central Illinois area on the history, culture and religious beliefs of the Native American people for over 27 years. Hawk and members of his group present dance demonstrations for children who along with their teachers are invited to dance.  Hawk believes children are the future.  





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