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The New Shield



We are in such an exiting times, for human being is sooo ready for their realization of the self. The ascension has started for the true human beings….


There is a shield now, available from the spirit to the true human beings, this shield is quite different. It is not the shield that people built into themselves creating a cage, that not allow to grow and ascend, it is not about being fear of love or being fear about getting hurt, it is not the shields that human being have created that will in slave them into their own little world. The shield that t is happening in the higher realms it is about the protection from the outside world, the energies that have hunt humans being for al long time, You do can access that shield through the innocence that resides in your heart.


Human being born with surrender and most live with surrender within themselves, with the purity of the heart, with the innocence yet no ignorance….


The power within have increase enough to awake the true human within the self, for the power now must be use in a good way.  The Great Mother is everywhere, protecting, awakening enlightening…. It is indeed a beautiful thing going on….


In the process of the ascensions are coming many things about relationships, those relationships needs to be clear and make it shining again, awaken those relationships through love with the purity of love that resides inside, for the true human being is love, and they can take love in all the directions, the trick is do not yearn for love, but became what you desire, became the very same thing that you want in the outside….


Human being knows that the new world that we are giving birth, is a new way to relate to each other, a new way to relate with the environment, a new way to relate within yourself, and all start within the self to the outside, the feminine way, when humans being is able to see themselves as the daughter and son of the Father Mother God, things will align into a higher truth within the self, then the relationships in the outside will change, by their own nature…..


In this time space, I have finish !!! my new book, “The Fifth Direction”, will be available soon, this is a novel about you, it is about all the vicissitudes that human being have in order to enter into the world of the enchanted flower, the new world that it is  at hand, I am exited about this book, and so honor that my sisters have edited, specially my sister Klaranisa.


I am heading to Minneapolis tomorrow, we have  a powerful seminar in there, I am exited about it….

There are many more seminars and ceremonies going on….


In lakesh



Magdala Ramirez






February 7  Minneapolis, MN Seminar


March     YUCATAN


April     Vision Quest for men and women, send me an email if you are coming…


May     Feminine intensive 5 days seminar and ceremony


June     Moon Dance   Women only


June 21     Serpent Mound,  OH. seminar and ceremony


Magdala is a medicine woman born in Mexico and lived among the pyramids of ancient wisdom of the Maya and Aztec people.  She was trained in her work from a very early age, spending many years studying and sharing information with the elders of knowledge near her home.  She has worked 35 years with the feminine ways, warrior woman and sacred dance.  Ramirez regularly conducts workshops and lectures in Mexico and the United States.