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Spinners and Weavers

By Waynonaha



Dear Sisters,


As I connect with you on the web of life, we stand together in this time,  strong and united. 








Let us all be the weaver of dreams and continue the healing of our minds,  bodies,  spirits and souls, for the seven generations to come.



The threads of time are interwoven in our fabric which we call the fabric of life.  Each strand  a thought and memory that helps us to find our way back to our center.

As I sit in the garden watching Grandmother Spider weave her web this story of the Spider Medicine is brought to me again.

Many times I have been woven into a web and found myself stranded and trapped.  Like the Wolf I had to use my own medicine to break free.  Still an invisible thread is there to remind me to not go in that place again.

Being humans we all forget or miss place the threads of thought and memory until the next time we are pulled in and woven into a tight cocoon.  I think the more trusting and giving we are the more we draw this sort of lesson to our lives. I still have to live the life of my people and yet be aware of the sticky strands of the spiders web.

Grandmother said there are two kinds of spiders some are  the spinners and some  the weavers. Spinners will entice you into the web and wrap you up for later use or just drain you dry and discard you.

These people are using the spider medicine they spend  or (spin) there days plotting to get their  way by manipulating others. Grandmother said there are the people who live from there hearts and those  people who live from there minds. These mind people are the people who never come in contact with their inner  truth. They constantly throw out  webs and entangle  others to blame or to use, some call them energy suckers or "Windago",  soul stealers.
Some do not see it as a conscious action but is their way of life and one or survival for them. This method  has become the natural way they live and get from one place to another. The effort is always from the mind and one of need and self fulfillment.

Many things motivate them in this,  such as jealousy, the need to be recognized "ego" or the need to be the center of attention, "fame". All of this is done at the expense of others with never a look back to see the destruction that was created.

The Spinner Spider is always feeding an inner need,  one that will never really be satisfied.

They play the classic victim to many to draw then in to the space of inner need and expect others to full it. Guilt is applied to  the person being drained as not enough or good enough. There is always a empty need to fill and we are humans after all with compassion,  so we will try to fill this need.  The game begins with the giver feeding the spiders endless chain,  of drained and discarded bodies.

I ask Grandmother how can  you know when this is happening as the spiders web is so beautiful and shinny?  You have taught me to love all things on this our Earth Mother.    Grandmother  answered,  "some are lessons,  others gifts,  that will be for you to see and learn.

The wisdom of our Elders is with us always and in my life I have been many times held captive and drained of  precious energy as we all have. I am still me and getting wiser for the lessons and the experience that it has brought.

The one thing I have learned is that you help until it becomes a demand.  You give until it becomes a question of your integrity.

You share until you question  your  own soul and begin to self doubt. .  The Skin Walker will walk into your skin and seek to posses your soul and take over your live out of jealousy and need. The ego is a strange and awesome thing and can create a persons own destruction if used in the wrong way.

As  I see my own roll in all of the many lessons I then remember my Grandmother saying, "when you have learned many lessons you will some day be a weaver".  Nothing is learned without lessons this is the growth of our spirits.  Emotional pain is the power that motivates the lesson,  " do  not repeat this  again."

The Weaver is the medicine that will make a strand for others to follow.  Grandmother Spider who weaves the web of the dream is a weaver of people. She weaves us into the fabric of life each one of us a strand in the web.  Each of us responsible  for the strand that we hold in our hands.  It is through this strand that all things flow and all things are given to us in our spiritual paths.

I turn my eyes to gray spider in the web before me and watch as strand by strand she connects the spokes of her wheel.

It is then that I realize we need both spinners and weavers to teach us.  I wonder at the Grand Father sun touching this web of beauty with rainbows of light. In this creation I will learn to walk in balance with my sisters and bothers. Bless you Grandmother Spider for your teachings.


The dream world is from the weaver of our lives,  she gives us the way to find the future by dreaming it into reality.  The creative energy of all that is light and wholeness is born in this space.  When we dream for the good of all then we are truly creating the weavers way for all to follow.


Love and Light,



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