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Part  2



Last month, I wrote about the Magic of Words. Let’s continue now by discussing the element of time, which is as important as the Command. Remember, to choose it, not want it. The best words you would use with power are:


            I WILL   vs I need to                                         I SHALL vs I want to

            I DID     vs I tried to                                          I KNOW  vs I hope to

            I AM     vs I wish to                                          I KNOW  vs I believe


We know the Creator never ‘tries' to create anything – The Creator just “creates!”


Nearly all people on the earth use the words hoping, wishing, needing, trying, wanting, believing in their creative thought process. They do not realize that these creative thoughts are being granted to them at the moment of thought. All thoughts are incorporated into your Reality. This includes fleeting negative thoughts like when you are angry or upset and think negatively of something or someone, even when you know you do not mean it. This process, for me, is a very hard pill to swallow.


Remember also, that you cannot lie to your self. For example:  If you are not a wealthy person, do not create a command such as ‘I am a multi-millionaire. Your mind knows that the experience of such wealth is not a part of your current reality.


Now let us look at the importance of the “Time-frame” in your command. This is as important for creating your new reality as using the proper command .


The results of your command will be doubtful when you use these phrases;

            someday                       will be                           if it is meant to be

            soon                              eventually                     when it is suppose to be

            later                               going to                         in the near future


These expressions leave your command ‘open-ended’.  The command does not know when to start the process, or it may not come into reality at all. You can give the command stages in which your command can take place. Let me share an example from my own life experience.


The family home was no longer to be used, as my Parents had “Crossed over”. It was time to sell it. I walked the property and saw that I needed to do some “Fix-up” before I tried to sell it. I put dates on when certain things would be finished. I had three dates in mind.. My fix-up dates were done. I then took a photo of the home and on the picture I wrote the date it had to sell and the price I knew I would sell the house. Across the roof I wrote in large letters SOLD. It sold before the date and I received the asking price.


In closing I repeat, “All thoughts are creating your reality, even those you may not think are really meaningful.”





Robert Gray Hawk King Coke, 78, Cherokee, is a member of the Manataka Elder Council. Coke graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute in 1952 with a biology degree. He served in the U.S. Army with a tour in Europe.


After returning home, Robert Coke, entered pre-seminary school Austin College with a major in Philosophy.  He continued his education by earning a degree in Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Bachelor of Business Administration at Southern Methodist University where he later served on the faculty as an instructor. In 1996, Elder Coke was elected Chairman, of the American Indian Heritage Association and served as an ambassador for the American Indian Center of Dallas. Gray Hawk is now a semi-retired consultant.





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