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Beyond Human Communication

By Harvey Walks With Hawks Doyle



Humankind has long been intrigued with the idea of communicating with other intelligences.  When I speak of intelligences I could be speaking of animals, aliens, or even the cells of your body.  We are entering into a spiritual arena and developing toward 2012 which will be an enlightenment to all survivors on Mother Earth.


Science has devised elaborate systems to probe outer space for signals that might be coming to us and informational plaques to identify our space probes to other intelligences.  We should be more concerned with Mother Earth and her inhabitants.  We as humans beings sometimes cannot see any further than our noses.  We need to look to the past, present, and future for communicating with our brother and sisters.  When I speak of brother and sisters I mean all inhabitants; the two legged, four legged, six legged and many without legs, those who crawl, fly, walk and all that move. 


For more earthly concerns, many studies have been made and are being made on communication in species other than humans, particularly the higher forms of life such as apes, elephants, dolphins, and whales in an effort to crack their codes and establish communication with them.  So far the Great Spirit has only shown those that have spiritual eyes the rudimentary lines of communication that have been established to date. 


I have observed the Red Tail Hawk for years and they have their way of communicating with others.  You must study them and watch them.  They are good communicators.  You must be alert to positive and negative energies and also their movement in the air and when they are resting.  When you learn more of energies and that Mother Earth is alive; then you will begin to understand the language of her inhabitants. We should realize to be a part of the circle of life we must know how to communicate.


We seem to spend much time trying to communicate with outer space.  So far as we know, no signals from outer space have been received. However, in trying to communicate with animals we have learned more about our own communication processes and thought mechanisms.  We have had more success in this arena.  We have learned to realize that our brother and sister animals want to communicate with us this is the great plan of the Creator. Association by communication.


There is the distinct possibility that we would have much to learn from extraterrestrial being, and we know we have much to learn from the species (animals) that share Mother Earth with us as inhabitants. If others only knew how to communicate with them.  I feel sorry for individuals that have forgotten the very essence of learning animal energies. Communication is a spiritual healing.


Dolphins communicate almost solely by sonic transmissions.  They use sonic and ultrasonic waves to scan their surroundings and to identify objects by shape and distance, and they seem to be able to transmit information to each other. 


We humans receive at least 80 percent of our input visually; then, in order to communicate, we must translate our experience into words, which, we then generally convey our thoughts orally. Some animals are not vocal, so they need not translate their experiences from one medium to another in order to communicate.  Their communication is more efficient and accurate than ours, and less information is lost in the process.  If we could communicate like some animals, there would be much less misunderstanding and a greater degree understanding than we usually experience in our exchanges with each other.  Communication would probably resemble those rare moments of contact we share with someone when minds seem to be joined and words are unnecessary. It is like two energy fields communicating; there is no need for words. It is an electrifying experience.  It is also the art of love for one another.


Civilized mankind, people who live in the large cities and even some of us that live in the urban areas are living and associated with the push button world.  We are programmed to cell phones, computers and who knows what else; we cannot seem to relate to communication with our brother and sister animals.  We have lost touch with Mother Nature and we are wholly confused about the Animal Kingdom.  We spend too much time expressing love to our domesticated animals and not enough time for Mother Nature’s animals.  We get in the mode of treating them like pampered human beings.  We usually use them to satisfy our own requirements.  Part of the reason that we disregard the intrinsic value of animal life is the belief that animals do not have souls and are merely here on Mother Earth to be used as mankind see fit. 


The American Indian knows man has a spirit which enables him to have conscious awareness of his environment and of the reality that is now, but so do Mother Nature’s animals. 


Animals experience spirit and physical environment and changes just as much as humans and just as intensely, but they have to in a more restricted way.  It is not gifted with free will as human spirits beings but by animal instinct.  That is why we lack as much instinct as an animal but we have free spirit and such a word intuition. Intuition runs parallel with instinct. 


However from a spiritual point of view an animal may be further developed much more than a human.  If you have a domesticated animal, a cat or dog, you will have experienced how an animal can show love and loyalty and bring comfort and understanding.  They do so unconditionally.  No so with us humans; we always want something in return.  American Indians do not regard animals as inferior creatures; but as expressions of the Great Spirit operating in a different way.  Just because an animal cannot express itself by speaking a human language; we do not have the right to assume that it is just a “dumb” animal.  The American Indian recognizes that animals have a different way of communicating or knowing.  The Indian observes how animals appeared to move away from an area of impending danger, usually long before danger comes near them.  They also display behavior about changing weather and are prepared before the storm arrives. American Indians are aware of these traits and read the signs of the animals.  As a result, American Indians came to respect all manner of life as brother and sisters.  To learn to read the signs of animals is a spiritual awakening.


American Indians learned most of what they know about foods and medicine from animals because he watched and observed that animals appeared to be guided to the right plants to cure their own sickness or wounds.  That was the help of the Great Spirit; who placed those instincts in them to protect them from sickness.  Bears, for instance, covered their wounds with hemlock.  Some animals nibbled snakeroot and fennel leaves to protect it from the venom of snakebites.  Various small animals and birds relished the fruit of the bearberry honeysuckle which American Indians find of good value as a laxative. 


Animals, birds, insects, reptiles, and fish were a part of the animal world which the American Indian  called four legged, two legged, winged ones, crawlers and swimmers, they all can communicate with humans by sending the impressions which is seen in the mind or energies.  Because each creature is itself an expression of the Great Spirit, it can thus communicate with the human mind “messages from the Great Spirit”. I believe that our brother and sister animals are receivers of this energy from the Great Spirit and they can transmit that energy to the human mind and they became the great helpers of the human race.  We need to open our minds and believe and we shall receive that gift of understanding our animal brother and sister. This is another form of our spiritual medicine that can be received from our Creator if you only seek his advice.  This is our way of completing the circle of life which is also a form of healing and balance.


~Walks With Hawks









[Editor's Note:  If humans are so smart... why do scientists persist in attempts to make animals speak in human terms?   If humans are so smart, they should learn to speak animal languages.]