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The World of the Enchanted Flower

By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess



Magdala Rameriz

 They have asked me to speak about the “dream world” a world that resides in the virtual reality, yet just about to be manifested, a world where the cause and effect meet. 


 The ancient world that many tribes known, the world where the ancestors went to bring the teachings and the songs, the world where all is  one…. This world is now….


 A new world is awakening inside of the true human, a world that has been encoded in the true human being’s DNA since the beginning of time, a world that the ancestors called the world of the enchanted flower.


   Inside of human being resides the key to open that world within the self, that world has been visited many times, sometimes without realizing…. It is the place where the hemispheres meet.


In this world, many of the concepts and ideas of reality are obsolete, for in the world of oneness there is no separation concept. There is no pain that created that separation, there is no money,  for the cause and the effect are happening instantaneously, there is no government, for human beings knows how to relate, there is no time as in the third and forth dimension knows it,  for the time was an invention of the “dark lords” as the Chilam Balam said, the concept of time in the world of the enchanted flowers is not based on process that created the illusion of separation, it is based on a cosmological way of thinking. In the world of the enchanted flower, there is nothing separated; it is a world of unity.


The cosmic way of thinking is awaken in the world of the enchanted flower, for human beings recognize her-his-self as an entity of a higher order, the divine order, where all is a big family, for the worlds are part of the one as one is part of the all, all is a beautiful orchestra happening with completely divine order, in a perfect harmony.


In this beautiful world where the true human being  have always been, all is bonding into one, for it is the one that unfolded, the one that understands where you have always been, for you are being integrated into a higher version of your own self. There is one single language, that resides in the outside as well in the inside, for communication happens in a very direct form, there is no filters that create a process, it is a communication that is unfolding instantaneously, and is happening with everything that exist, at the same time, for time equals zero, love is the energy that connects in the purity of the essence, and the connection is the way of living.


In the world of the enchanted flower, there is no separations of the chakras, no divisions between conscious and subconscious,   no separation of mind, body emotions, spaces or dimensions, for all the dimensions are contained in the one. This means that there is no world separated.  It means that there are worlds inside of a worlds inside of a worlds, all is completely integrated, all is one, for through the essence of all vibrations communication is taking place, for the root of the tree of life has always been one, for the one is contained in the whole as the whole is contained in the one.


As the sun enters in the center of the galaxy, the connection intensifies, through that connection authenticity comes into being. The authentic human being embraces peace by nature, by their own nature. True human being is a peaceful entity, for human beings know that nothing can harm them....  Human being will be conscious of that connection with the spirit from the heart, for all connection is sacred and every single life form is connected one to another. Through that connection, freedom will come into being; freedom comes through recognition within…  For human being are free. Freedom is everywhere, for there is no boundaries in the inside as well as the outside, in the world of oneness freedom is a natural state of being human as it has always been. It is the world of the absence of fear.


The world of the enchanted flowers is being awaken when you know that you are being observed, senses are open…,  feel it, and face the fear by just keep on observing that you are being observed, by what?  You are being observed by your own higher self-God-Goddess-mother-matrix (womb), or whatever you want to call her-him. Is a grid, a grid that was built by communications, in your own connection with the spirit,  that you are! by that connection.  This meaning that if you can see the flowers, the flowers can see you, if you can see the creation as you call it, then the creation can see you, through that observation and recognition of being observed, you will begin to use the part of the brain that contains the connection and a new way of perceiving reality, and then creation of a better place has been made. Your behavior, thoughts, way of perceiving yourself will change, for you will be in alignment of that one that is observing you. 


You are aligned then to the divine order, in perfect harmony with all around you, perfect harmony with the multi-universe… All in perfect synchronicity, all in perfect movement, the perfect sacred dance of a cosmic way of thinking…  Then human beings will realize where they are and be comfortable with the self, meaning pain is gone, separation is gone, all that doesn’t belong in the world of oneness is gone. Changes come from the inside to the outside.


The world is in deep changes. The “new world” is about relationships, the way the true humans relate to each other,  the environment, and to the self, for all relationships are sacred. The web, in all life forms is sacred, the connection is sacred, and all life forms are sacred.


The ancestors didn’t disappear. They are here, in the golden city as many call them, the golden ones, the shiny ones, and they have many names… Human beings have all the assistance, there are beautiful beings waiting for  human being arriving into the world of the enchanted flower, they are rejoicing, they are celebrating….!


In the world of the enchanted flower, you will find many possibilities for many worlds, you will uncover all the worlds inside of yourself, and when you think that you have them all, a new one will appear, for it is infinite.  Human beings cannot take things that belong to the third and forth dimension into a higher worlds, for the laws are different in each world, just don’t look back….  Human being knows in the inner core, that they carry the history of the multi-universe within the self; they carry the map of a multidimensionality being that he-she is, for they know deep inside that they have access to the libraries of the cosmos, anytime. 


 The first door is the union of polarities which means, that you are finally using the feminine side of your brain and your male side of your brain together;  you are using a 100 percent of the brain! Use your brain.


The relationships are happening inside of yourself, and through that you create a reality according to that perception, according to that belief, your truth, but indeed, I am telling you that you have all the relations inside of yourself. This means that whoever you see is a mirror of you, it is your other you, which means that you are all the relations happening at the same time inside of you. You are in the other side of the mirror.


Human being is the ancient one, human being can never died, only transform, you are just going into a higher dimension,  in your time,  into the world of the enchanted flower as we call it. Being Human is being a multidimensional entity, with many worlds inside of the self,  many realities happening at the same time,  Human being is so beautiful! … and another thing to consider is the  Great Spirit does not age. …


The kingdom of heaven is on earth, the kingdom of earth is on heaven…


I Am You

In lakesh