2012 & Beyond, Rainbow Warriors the Stars are Calling

By Bruce Fenton, April 2009

For centuries the peoples of the Americas have expected the coming of a warrior generation. They knew that the eagle’s claw of European civilisation would inflict terrible torments on their own communities.


This was an horrendous experience but one that many accepted as part of the process of man’s journey. It was a very grave sacrifice that would one-day lead to an upsurge of compassion and global renewal.


For my own part my ancestors were amongst those who suffered most. It is easy to cry picturing my forbears of the Arawak tribes suffering genocide. It is equally painful to picture my African slave ancestors toiling to the whip under the harsh Caribbean sun. This horror was all perpetrated to profit a tiny few families seeking to feed the European craving for sugar in their tea.

The suffering of other indigenous communities continues all over the globe. Unseen tribes are burned alive in the Amazon so that they won’t hamper the expanding of farms for our Soya and cattle. Island nations suffer the pollution of their shores by our waste. Minority indigenous populace are still being marginalized and stripped of their land rights and voices. Their histories are erased from textbooks and their knowledge kept from mainstream global thought.


Sadly first contact with these peoples was often accompanied by orders to destroy any evidence of their being civilised and intelligent. Kill the chiefs, kill the wise, kill the history keepers, kill the story tellers burn all the evidence of their achievements.

The methodology was very obvious. There would be far greater up-cry from the average European citizen if they realised cultures as advanced as their own were being put to the sword or enslaved for profit. They could easier accept the stories of sub-human creatures to stupid for anything but cheap labour.

The consensus reality we inhabit seemingly always leaves some space for energetic renewals. After a forest burns the shoots of new life grow faster and stronger than ever before. This is why the remaining knowledge from some of the devastated human communities around the world has now exploded outward. Where the soil of the soul was stripped bear is where we should expect the most powerful push toward a brighter tomorrow.

The prophets and visionaries of many tribes saw not only the devastation to come, but also the positive potential it would activate in mankind. Casting their view forward by such means as they had developed in their mystery traditions they noted likely futures. In an extraordinary case of mass synchronicity dozens of separate tribal peoples noted visions of a coming special generation. The time of their arrival would be made clear by certain destructive global events.