Manataka American Indian Council




Traditional American Indian Religious Ceremonies and Family Gathering




JUNE 20, 2009

Hot Springs Convention Center

Free Admission



Featuring: Sixth Sun Aztec Dancers

Manataka Medicine Lodge Blessing Ceremony

Flag Ceremony, Fire Ceremony, Pipe Ceremony

Naming Ceremony - Making A Relative Ceremony

Honoring of Elders Ceremony

Special Presentation by Honored Elder

Friendship Dance

Drumming and Singing


Featuring the Sixth Sun Aztec Dancers




At the Hot Springs Convention Center on Saturday

Sixth Sun Aztec Dancers

Dancers, Drummers and Singers

See the Colorful Manataka Medicine Lodge

Limited Seating - Bring Lawn Chairs

All who attend this event are automatically part of the ceremonies. 


At Gulpha Gorge Campgrounds on Friday Evening

Free Campsite Seminar on Maya and Aztec Culture

Storytelling and Drumming

Hear the Beautiful Story of Manataka

Bring drums, rattles and flutes, lawn chairs

All activities held at Gulpha Gorge National Park Campground are not sponsored by the Manataka American Indian Council.  Any activities that may be conducted by individual families at rented campsites are open to visitors during normal park hours.    Jose Fernandez, Superintendent of the Hot Springs National Park Service, refuses to allow American Indian Religious Ceremonies conducted by MAIC without arbitrary burdensome and undue restrictions.  In case of harassment by Park Rangers, offer no resistance and cooperate.  No alcohol or other drugs permitted.  Park only in designated parking areas.  Camping is on a first-come-first-serve basis (no reservations).  Motels and hotels are nearby.






Manataka American Indian Council

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Sixth Sun Aztec Dancers - Absolutely no moving about or talking during the Aztec Ceremony.   Strictly enforced. 


Manataka Ceremonies - Again, respect dictates that there should be absolutely no talking or moving about during ceremony.


Fire Circle - You should be smudged before entering the Circle.  Always enter from the east and move sun-wise.  Never walk between the Fire and another person.  No eating, drinking or smoking in the Circle. Idle talking in the Circle is discouraged.  Children are not to run and play in the circle - adults included


New Members - Making of A Relative Ceremony

If you have not been present in the sacred Fire Circle of Manataka during ceremonies and received your blessings, and you plan to attend the Gathering, go to the Manataka lodge before ceremonies.  You will receive important instructions about your part in the ceremonies.  If you have an offering or gift to make during ceremonies, please make this known to the officiating elders.


Gifting -

If you plan to speak with an Elder or honored guest, it is suggested you offer a small gift as a sign of respect.   However, please do not make your presentation before the Honoring of the Elders Ceremony when you may enter the Circle and lay your gift down on the appropriate blanket.   Manataka operates solely on membership dues and gifts. Your help is needed to defray the cost of events and projects.  Walk the talk.


Manataka Lodge - 

Except for Elders and Clan Leaders, enter the tipi only when invited. 

Remove shoes before entering. 

Always move sun-wise (clockwise) around the fire pit. 

Never walk between the fire pit and another person, walk behind. 

Do not handle objects and artifacts without permission. 

Children should be accompanied by an adult inside the lodge.


Purification Lodge

Because of the large number of people, no public Purification (Sweat) Lodge ceremonies will be conducted.  Private ceremonies may be held in the area in the days leading up to the Gathering.