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The Native American Flute:

Understanding the Gift

by John Vames


An Interactive Guide for learning to Play 

Includes Instructional text, Audio CD and 25 Songs

3rd Edition

For ALL Students of the Native American Flute: for the Beginner who has little or no experience, the Intermediate player seeking further knowledge of how music works, and the Advanced player who wants to teach others but up until now did not have a clear-cut format to do so successfully.


Part 1 – Easy to follow instruction includes lessons on finger control, breath control, knowing your flute, embouchure, basic notes, tonguing and slurring, the Native American Scale, creating your own melodies, ornamentations, duration, reading Music, Nakai tablature, and the Major scale.

Part 2  - Includes 25 Songs arranged for Native American Flute: traditional, Native American and Original.


Appendices, which include: Useful Scales for Native American Flute. Analysis of the Major Scale, Rhythmic Values and Flute care.


PLUS:     39 Track Interactive Audio CD - Demonstrating techniques and easy-to-play instructions.


104 pages. Available in Spiral or Perfect Bound

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The author, John Vames is a professional musician and music educator with over 40 years experience.  He has started hundreds of people on successful ‘flute journeys’ with the methods in this book.






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Beginners and Intermediate Players




















Here's What You Get:

1.    The book: The Native American Flute: Understanding the Gift


2.    The 39 Track Interactive Audio CD: Demonstrating techniques and easy-to-play instructions.


3.    6 Hole, Pine, A minor, choice of color and fetish block.


        These excellent Pine Flutes are stained in three attractive colors:

                        Brown Walnut, Red Cedar and White Pine


       Choose from Bear, Buffalo, Eagle, Horse, Ram, Turtle, and Wolf


4.    A handcrafted American Indian design fleece flute bag.


Each flute is expertly handcrafted by a Navajo artistJonah Thompson


All for only $89.95

Select Flute Color and Fetish Fret

Shipping in USA:         $14.95 Via Priority Mail
Shipping International:  $47.00 Global Priority



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