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By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess





Maya Land Journey


Beautiful Ones,


We are back home, and all my flowers are awakening!  I have many emails asking how was Maya land…. It is so hard to put it in words what happened, it was powerful, and beautiful, an incredible journey in the inside as well as the outside…. In the 3 years count down for 2012.


We had witness the new world being born, we have live the day of the enlightenment.  That we live everyday.  What happened?


It happened that the ancestors are calling for unity of all tribes, for all religions and traditions come together in perfect harmony, love is the avenue, love is the connector love in personal and impersonal way, no fear for love no more…. Now we create and recreate in the world of the enchanted flower, the peace of unity….


It happens that the world of the enchanted flower is the world that we are living in, it is a beautiful world inside and outside where the male-female meet, it happens when finally human being is able to understand the wedding, the unity that is happening all the time inside of the self.


It happened that we have enter into the ancient golden city …  guided by a quetzal at the time of prayer…


It happened that we have enter in the path of the non-time, and walked, where the grandmother has touch our hearts and awake the knowledge of all true human beings, just like my flowers an spring, the path is open at the place where the gate, the bridge resides, the bridge inside of the self that knows where you stand.


It happened at the place of the star people, the ancestors that they brought the seed of enlightenment, where the cosmic consciousness has been awakened, for  human beings knows that they are part of a big big big cosmos, that there is no limits, that human being is indeed free and has always been free.  In the same realm we have found the underground golden city, where the entrance is the conch temple,  and the portal to the stars, and the Temazcal, the sweat lodge-observatory  in form of a conch.


It happens when we enter into Palenque! and the Golden City.  We entered into the realm of Pacal Votan and The Red woman, both great teachers of cosmos.  She sing us her song at her temple, the perfect vibration, that has tune human being into the original DNA, she show us the sacred spring, of the waters that never ends, and the water falls in form of a womb where she baths, She show us the young men clean and beautiful, the true men, at the age of 13, from the jungle of Lacandon bringing the seeds that will guide human beings in the path, and the seeds that will change colors every time an abuelo tree, a grandfather tree is being cut because of greed. He is barefoot, so he can bless the mother as he walk, so he knows where he stands.


It happens that the true man have encounter himself at the pyramid of the grandmother, where he realize who he is.  As the woman have embrace too her sacredness.


It happens at the ceremony with the turtle by the pyramids, where they told us about the bridge of rainbow and the golden light will come, next day we have encounter the ancient pyramid of the Abuela, she was there waiting for us, with so much love we went on top of her pyramid, by the gate of the many worlds, where she show us the way she look through her eyes, we have seen the world in perfect harmony and the many worlds in divine order.


It happens that we have enter in the sacred Cenotes, where the initiation took place, the sacred womb of the mother, where we have meet with Blue star

woman and many others spirits of light.   It happens in the place of Ixchel, by the ocean, where all started, for she is the beginning and end.


It happens at the holy city, at the ceremony of the many, where we had witness as the moment when Father arrived and touches Mama when the sacred rainbow and the golden light, that bridge that has been created for human being to enter, it was soooo beautiful, the heaven is on earth and the earth is on heaven.


So many more have happened but for now is what I can share, soon we will have photos at the web site, and the story more complete.


We will begin vision embracing next week, at the full moon of April, people is ready to embrace themselves, everyone is welcome at the place where the waters comes out from the womb.


For Priestess Seminar in May, we are complete, but send me an email to register to the next one, that still do not know when.  I have been waiting for this seminar for 40 years! The teachings of the ancient school of the feminine will take place at the temple 12+1 in the Ark.


Moon dance is coming in June. It is the place where woman encounter her sacredness, this year is only for women, everyone is welcome to come, send an email to me and cherry she has been helping soooo much! So she will tell you what you need her email is  also, if you need a ceremonial skirt for moon dance and no time for making it yourself, it is white or golden, like a rap around, write to Daniela at  she is the best for she knows ceremony.  She can make your skirt.  Seminars are coming will be in Minnesota and Colorado in this summer. Check the web site for details.


I love you sooo much!

In love I am

In lakesh



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