Manataka American Indian Council




Meet the Grandkids


Darbi, Oz and Jessica

Jessica, Darbi and Oz


A few adjectives to describe our Grandkids:

Affectionate, Ambitious, Aspiring, Brave, Candid, Caring, Cheerful, Considerate, Cooperative, Courageous, Courteous, Decisive, Devoted, Determined, Disciplined, Enthusiastic, Faithful, Flexible, Forgiving, Focused, Friendly, Frugal, Fun, Generous, Grateful, Hardworking, Honest, Humble, Independent, Interested, Involved, Joyous, Kind, Likeable, Loving, Mature, Modest, Open-Minded, Optimistic, Persistent, Practical, Punctual, Realistic, Reliable, Respectful, Responsible, Responsive, Smart, Self-Confident, Selfless, Sensitive, Serious, Sincere, Sympathetic, Sincere, Thoughtful, Trusting, Unpretentious, Unselfish


Sorry, we could not help but brag (a little).

Grandmother:    Rebecca Flaming Owl Moore

Grandfather: Lee Standing Bear Moore

Aunt: Amanda Morning Star Moore

Mother:  Andrea Kristine Erwin

Father: Dennis Erwin


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