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Mommy, Mom, Mother, Maw


All the words above are names for a woman who was blessed by the Creator with a little baby to carry inside her stomach for nine months until the baby was big enough to be born into the world and live outside of her body.


The second a baby is born and takes a breath of air, filling it's lungs with the life force.  The baby is no longer a part of anyone, the baby is a person all of its own.  It is a miracle.


The baby is a little person with toes and fingers, lungs and a heart, eyes to see, ears to hear, and arms and legs to move, and all the other parts that make it a whole.  It is magic.


Just as Mother Earth takes care of all the living creatures, plants and minerals that live on or in her, human mothers are honored to have the privilege of taking care of the new baby.


The baby needs food, shelter, warmth, clothing, safety and security, and love.  The baby needs lots of lots of teaching and happiness.  Mothers are honored to provide all those needs with dedication, love and joy.


Sometimes mothers are unable to take care of their baby or child.  There can be many reasons for this, but they just can not do it.  The baby or child can not care for itself, so the child needs another mother figure.  Someone to love them, care for them, protect them, provide food, shelter, clothing, security, guidance, calm their fears and teach them the wonders of the world.  A mother is needed to teach the child blessings and beauty of life.  To laugh with the child and love them no matter what.  The woman must be all that  the word "Mother" really means.


The other mother figure may be a big sister, grandmother, step-mother, aunt, foster mother, or any woman willing to accept that honor and give their all  for the baby or child.  The woman chooses to take care of the baby or child as if they had given birth to it.  In her heart the surrogate mother treats the child as her own, loaned to them by Creator of all.


A child only has one birth mother, but the child may have many surrogate mothers.  The child is really lucky and blessed.  They have even more people that love them and care about them forever. 


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by Selma Palmer 2009





A Short Biography



8/13/1945 -

Gram Selma is the Administrator of Ocali Nations Intertribial, a Florida native American Indian intertribal organization, and  is of Navajo/Apache descent.  Selma was born of the traditions and she has dedicated her life to the continued study of the same, having been blessed to be  a student of many well known and respected Elders and Tribal Leaders.

She has served as a delegate to the White House Conference on Native American Education. From 1996 to 1998, she was honored and appointed as a Peace Elder for Wolfsong, an indigenous world wide elders council.  She has also served on powwow committees and on Board of Directors of various Native American oriented organizations.

Recently she has been honored by having some of her traditional crafts purchased by the Fenimore Museum in Cooperstown, NY.   Since 1990, Selma has dedicated herself full time to "perpetuating" and assisting others in the perpetuation of the traditional oral teachings, sacred traditions, ceremonial concepts and prophecies of "the people" (all Native Americans).  Selma has shared "Circle of Life" classes for thirty years.  She is a licensed minister and spiritual counselor of non denominational status.

Selma Palmer, biologically  a Cawley, being the daughter of  Robert Harris  Cawley , who was adopted as an infant by the Palmer's of Georgia and of Una Johnston (maiden) of West Virginia.

Selma can be contacted thru The Ocali Nations Int. Inc., P.O. Box 2316, Silver Springs, Fl 34489