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By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess






Moon Dance by Alfred Gockel

Beautiful Ones,


I am back from Moon Dance. It was so beautiful and powerful.  This year we anchored the three years of Moon Dance with women only, but the next year will be women and men making the sacred dance together, the dance of the sacredness of life.


This year women from all over the world participated.


We received many powerful messages.  It is happening now all over the world.  The new world it has been uncovered and it is time for the true human being walk the path of being human, in a perfect balance with Father-Mother God..


One of the powerful messages given during Moon Dance ceremony was about the bridge between south to north and north to south, and the bridge of west to east and east to west.  Building the bridges took a lot of work from all the beautiful sisters.  The Rainbow Bridge was always there as the sisters began the dance at the sacred place surrounded by the 52 warriors, the ring of fire, where the sacred stones and the grandfathers created the natural circle.  The women encountered their own sacredness.  The beautiful sisters defeated all separation held in their hearts -- for every step of the dance they re-co-created the heart of the mother in perfect harmony, leading them to meet the divine order, the perfect expression of sacredness of the outside the same of the inside, as the inside as well as the outside.


Four woman finished their three years in a row to make their dance.  They were gifted with the Tonanzin, the Great mother in them, Four arch-types of the Mother, representing the eternal feminine manifesting the perfect expression.  The holy feminine was anchored in by them at the holy grounds.


There were many messages encountered as the dance continued for three nights.  There were more than enough rainbow tobacco ties.  They created a powerful door, the gate that will always be there as their biggest protector. There were many things to overcome, in the feminine ways as well as the masculine and finally they entered into the perfect balance where the golden light surrounded us for father-mother God was everywhere.


We had many beautiful messages after Moon Dance.  Some of the women participated in the Ceremony of the Seeds during vision quest in the Mother's garden.  Before Moon Dance the plants were growing well, but after the Moon Dance they suddenly shot up and we have corn, peas, beans, broccoli, lettuce, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and many carrots.  All is there including the 11 tobacco  plants that grew so big!  The ceremony of the Holy Seeds will feed the world because the women became holy seeds.


Three young people appeared after Moon Dance.  Two beautiful men and one beautiful woman brought the completion of the prayers when they heard the drums.  Leaving their homes and everything behind to follow mama’s call, they came to the place where the waters comes out from the womb and delivered many gifts.


Magdala Rameriz

We made the Ceremony of Balance of the male and female, and we prayed for the path and bringing the rainbow gate, from north to south and west to east. Lady Portia led us in the way.


Thank you Moon Dancers!   I love you soooo much. 


In lakesh