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Grandmother Mountain

By Grandmother L. Cota Nupah Makah



"Sometimes the most simple things are the of the greatest importance.

Neglect to see these and you miss the meaning of life."  L. Cota Nupah Makah




In the heart of the Earth Mother there beats the rhythm of life.

You must listen in the deepest of silence to hear the sound of this heart beat.

Entering into this silence is where we will find our own silence, it is at this door way we will find the way to inner stillness.

The silent, silence, stillness, is the beginning of our journey here on this Earth Mother. It is from the muted silence Of the womb, where all things were filtered and softened by our mother, we pass into the world we live in today.

We all have dreams and vision of our purpose, it is in these dreams we find our path. These are rooted in the very mystery that gave us life.
If you shut out all the noise you will find we are accustom to the sounds, and we hardly notice the noise until it is gone.

The noise of surface life is deafening the steady drone of machines, cars, radio, phones and just the noise of many voices speaking all at one time. This mechanical induced vibration is irritating to some, to others it is common every day life.

There are times I find too much noise is not good for me and I seek some private space and visit my inner peace.

Is it any wonder you never can find your inner peace. We take a vacation yet we seek out the very thing we are trying to leave behind. Instead of seeking a place where you can reconnect to Nature and the beauty of natural things; we migrate toward the noise and crowds of public beaches, resorts and amusement parks.

Places where there are no other human beings and devoid of all noise are harder and harder to find these days.

What is it we fear about being alone? The wise old ones say a mind that is open to travel in, and welcomes us; is a good mind to be in.
Give me the wide open spaces and the lack of people and machines, it is there I can reconnect and find my inner peace.

I grew up in a culture where seldom a word needed to be spoken. When it was spoken the few words held volumes of information. Our language is an implied one that fills each word with visions and remembering that comes from being steeped in the stories and wisdom. To understand this you must have grown up in the ways of the people.

You cannot attain this knowledge in a few classes taken on a weekend. It takes time to learn this and to understand your own personal connection to others and the natural forces.

Each one of use relates differently to the elements such as water, air, fire, and earth. We have personal tastes and like different music and colors. There are many other things too such as our senses, that let us connect to the inner space through sight, sounds, taste, and touch. You can go so far as to train yourself to shut out the noise and just retreat to your space when in dire need. This inner calmness can be a tool to protect you in times of danger. It can help your mind to clear itself of the situation at hand and allow you to think clearly. Great leaders knew this method and used it to protect and lead the people into safety. While all were in panic and fear they could reach out and find the calm inner place and seek the answers there.

Many vision were taken from this practice and to this day are spoken of in the history books.

Because of Western religion many shut the doors of their minds and hearts to the things our elders have taught.

We have looked to the media and other people to think and do for us. Is this leadership or control? It is time we all started to think for our own selves.

(This is the way we enter into our own silence to find the inner stillness of our rhythm.)

After offering the proper gifts to a Holy person and asking for help we then start the long journey of the Vision Quest. This process can take up to a whole year to complete. No one can buy a real vision quest it must be ask for and worked for in order for it to happen. This holds true for other sacred ceremonies you must ask and then be willing to serve sometimes up to four years.

For the Vision Quest:
First we seek out a high mountain or place where there will be little noise and distraction happening. There are a few places left but also are now guarded to protect the sacred lands.

We fast and we prepare for this time for many months. The Holy people help us and guide us during this time with ceremony and prayers. After our bodies are ready then we are prepared mentally to find our inner peace and lament for a vision or guidance. There is no quick fix here we must go through all of the steps to this point of seeking our place on this Earth Mother.

When you sit with the rhythm of the Earth Mother, you will understand that your own heart beat is the same as hers.

Place your ear to the Earth Mother, clear your mind and close your eyes, hear all that she holds secret. You are finally at peace in her presence and in her heat beat.

Listen on star filled nights go to the top of a hill and wait until the noise of the valley is silent. Wait and you will hear the sound of music made by no interments on this Earth. The ancients voices chanting that travel in the sound wave that wraps the Mother Earth in harmony.

It is in these never ending, never silent waves of celestial sound, we can hear once again the wisdom of the elders.

Let them speak to your heart and let the wisdom enter your space of stillness.

Some refer to this space as the Healing place for spirit to go and be made whole again.

There are many doors and many reasons for one to seek out this place of peace.

Perhaps the loss of a loved one a child or a lifelong mate. Maybe it is just regrets for past choices in life, it is all there in this perfect place of peace.
No judgment no closed doors await you on your journey. There can be no rejection as the Creator knows our hearts. When we humble ourselves we give over all earthly ways and open our hearts to this healing.

The process takes time and you may try and not find it right away. There are layers of progress and each one of us is different so we process differently.
Once you reach this place of healing you will never forget the way. It is the calm and rational space you will enter many times in your life until you enter it for eternity.

Here you will be given the answers to your life and the purpose of your walk on this our Mother Earth.

As your life changes so will your mission be redefined and altered to fit the times and you life.

Many have found spirit names in this space where the Elders speak to us. Some have found purpose when they have lost their path. Some have found their personal healing song there and can sing it when they need peace and harmony.

You do not have to go far to enter this place of stillness, anyone can, it is part of the promise of life we were given.

For all my Holy relation,

Mitakuye Oyasin, Blessings to All


Nupah Makah L.Cota 2009