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Parental Abuse, When Will It End? 


I made it a habit for the past ten years to visit several nursing homes in the central Illinois area. Most of the folks that reside in these homes are not able to do the simplest things for themselves. One time while I was in a room talking to an old man in his nineties two of his children asked me to leave the room and never to come back. They said that I was encouraging the old man to do things on his own and not to depend on the children. As I left the room one of the children scolded the old man. I stayed just out of sight while the children (both in their 60’s) verbally abused the old man. I was very sad because I could do nothing.  I spoke to one of the caregivers about the old man and she told me that the children abuse the man on a regular basis. After his children left I went to the room and noticed that he had been crying and appeared to have a black eye.  After talking to him for a while he told me that his son had smacked him. I told the employees of the home what had happened and I was told that this sort of thing happens every day and that they could do nothing about it. I then called the police department and an investigator came to the home and took a report of the abuse.


I find it very sad to see older people abused. I was informed by the investigator that there are hundreds of reports turned in to the department and that very little has been done to charge the offenders. I talked to the nursing home supervisor and she advised me that several months ago one little 95-year-old patient was abused and suffered a broken arm caused by one of her family members. That case is still pending in court.


The nursing home is attempting to put an end to this type of treatment of the residences in their care. I enjoy visiting these older folks but often times I see abuse. When will it end? How could a family member treat an old person this way? I am not saying that this happens on a daily basis but it should never happen!


I was invited to return to the nursing home by the staff and will visit as often as I can. Some of the folks in these types of homes have no family to visit with them. The hospital staff has told me that my visits cheer up the patients and they look forward to seeing me. If you have an opportunity to visit a nursing home please do so you will feel better about yourself. It only takes a few minutes of your time. Be Blessed and have a great day.  ~Hawk With Seven Eyes


Every year, tens of thousands of elderly Americans are abused in their own homes, in relatives’ homes, and even in  facilities responsible for their care. You may suspect that an elderly person you know is being harmed physically or emotionally by a neglectful or overwhelmed caregiver or being preyed upon financially. By learning the signs and symptoms of elder abuse and how to act on behalf of an elderly person who is being abused, you’ll not only be helping someone else but strengthening your own defenses against elder abuse in the future.




Daniel Hawk With Seven Eyes Hoffman is a founding member of the Taylorville Black Horse Powwow, Inc,' a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization. He has given presentations at schools in Central Illinois area on the history, culture and religious beliefs of the Native American people for over 27 years. Hawk and members of his group present dance demonstrations for children who along with their teachers are invited to dance.  Hawk believes children are the future.