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Disaster Preparedness and Pet Care - Excellent Resource

Animal Cruelty

FetchDog Dog Beds  - Looks good!
Dog Collars - Amazing high quality selections Dog Beds -  Superior quality, orthopedic
Arkansas Native Plant and Wild Life Center Dogs For Sale Tommy Young - Arkansas Wild Life Center
Manataka Feed Our Friends Project Dog Beds - Dog discount designer dog beds Dog For Sale - search for local dog breeders
  Dog Harness -- good shopping Pet Memorials - excellent resource


Art and Jewelry Guthrie Indian Art Native Art Gift Shop - Excellent
Art Native American - Good Native Expressions - Excellent!
Indian Village Oil Paintings - very good
Buy - World Class Indian Trade Silver - Brand New Link
Cherokee Indian Art - Exceptional! Isabel Art - Banner below
Elegant Charms International - Classical Art Santa Fe Art School
Free Spirit Gallery David Neel Studio - some wows! are here Southwest Shopping
Prescription Eyeglasses - Spirits of the West Coast
Free Spirit Gallery Sunglasses - designer eyewear Chanel, Oakley

Thunder Eagle Native Art

    Two Grey Hills Indian Arts and Jewelry



The Native Blog - Songs-Poems & Potawatomi

  Not So Common Sense Native Life Thoughts Red Mountain Post - Top rated, great!



igital Signage
Am. Indian Business Leaders

Forex Trading Community

Office Native Amer. Affairs

Am. Indian Chamber of Commerce of OK

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Native American Office Products

Am. Indian Business Assoc Powwow Now!  - Global Conference Calls

Peoples Path

Canva Software - Free drag and drop software   Sault Chippewa Enterprises



About Sneakers Geek Shoes  
Amererican Indian Clothing History Geek Watches War Shirts
Authentic Designer Handbags Gothic Clothing White Feather Designs
Bay Area Kicks - Shoes Native Threads Wide Fashions
Blanket Brigade Womens - Mens Dress Shoes
Pirate Clothing Medieval Clothing
Gaffos Designer Sunglasses - Authentic, high quality Rainbow Feathers Mittelalterliche Kleider
Geek Handbags Renaissance Costumes - Medieval Clothing

CRAFTS & SUPPLIES Great Trading Path Sa-Cinn Native Enterprises
Buy - World Class    
Indian Arts & Crafts Assoc. World of No Amer. Indian
Claw, Antler & Hides Little Eagle Traders Shaman Drums - Sweden - Crafts
Craft King Catalog Matoska Trading Company Native American Stuff - good audio story
Crazy Crow Trading Post Native Circle Native Heritage Crafts


Amer. Indian Heritage Found Letter to God Native Wisdom  
Arkansas Cherokee History Little Elk's Circle Write a letter to God
Bill's Aboriginal Links Littleleaf's Cultural Page  Peace for Turtle Island
Blue Panther - Keeper of Stories - Excellent!   Morning Dove's Page -  See Banner
Buffalo Heart Studio   - New Website -- Take a look! Native American Facts - by Ruby Dancingmoon Shayna's Web Pages
Cherokee Links Native American Lore Stonys Web Lodge
Cradleboard Native Myths & Legends Stories for Youth
Dance to Heal the Earth Native American Nations Traditional True Stories
Feather Poetry Native Wisdom   Wisdom Keepers
Ghost Dancer's Journey World of No Amer. Indian 
Indian Law Resource Center Peace for Turtle Island -  See Banner
Language - learn foreign & native languages    


Best Colleges Expanded Financial Aid for Minority Students

Financial Aid for Minority Students

KidsDevelopment - Good


Cleaner Indoor Air & Chemical Sensitivities Low Vision Internet Gateway Rentersí Rights for People with Disabilities
Disabled Home Modification Checklists and Funding Managing Sensory Processing Issues Special Needs Safety Around Construction
Guide to Finding Credible Medical Advice Moving Seniors and People with Disabilities  
Home Modifications and Selling Your Home    

ELECTRONICS  --  web search  



Savor the Melody Healthy Diet - Loose or gain weight
    B Beautiful

GENEALOGY Native Genealogy - 3
Broken Threads Ecology of the Spirit - Different OK Indian Terr. Project
Cherokee by Blood Indian Genealogy  Great! Surname Web
Indian Genealogy Virtual Indian Library


AbbeyCare - Drug treatment in UK. Geek Eye Glasses Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Herb Valley -- Australia Mesothelioma Law Center - Best
Addictions UK - Home based treatment

Holistic Divorce Counseling - Free help

Mesothelioma Prognosis
  Indian Health Service Mesothelioma Justice Network
Alternative Health Care Lyme Disease - very good Mesothelioma

Ask Mr. Contact Lenses - Lowest Prices

Surviving Mesothelioma Mesothelioma Treatment

Beaute Monde Cosmetiques and more!

New York DWI  - Good Resource Native Remedies
Boneporosis - Osteoporosis Salt Lamps - Himalayan Salt  - Good

Spinal Decompression

Body Building and Fitness   Good Site! Salt Lamps -Spiritual Quest Vitamins Diary - Excellent
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrohpy

Detox to Rehab everything addiction and recovery related

Vitamins and Nutrition
Earth Fairys Dream -

What Are the Benefits of Sunlight?


Herbs Etc.

Indian Spring Herbs

Native Environment
Herb Valley -- Australia Lerís World Herb Shop Native Remedies Herbal Medicine
Mode Flowers - Florists Vitamins Diary - Lots Available 1-800 - Excellent Selection


  Native Am. Rights Fund
Blue Grass Injury Law - Louisville, KY Indigenous Law Institute Constitutional Status
Bureau of Indian Affairs - BIA Natl. Indian Law Database Office of Tribal Justice


Big City Indians - Germany! High Eagle's Flute Music Shaman Drums - Sweden - Crafts

Bonobo.TV  TV and music download site

Indian House Records
Mitten's Music Page Four Winds Trading
  East Indian - Hindu, Bhakti, Bhajan, Music  


AIROS American Indian Radio Native American Journalists People's Path
Indian Country News Source Native Web News Red Mountain Post - Top rated, great!
Sacred Fire Magazine - Very Good



Heart of America Indian Center Mission of Love - We Love It! Santa Cruz Indian Council
  Pipe Keepers Bud Johnston 605 595 5229


Flags of Indian Tribes Native Tech Powwows Powwow Power! - Great Stuff

Manataka Powwow Now!  

New England Powwows Spike Powwows  - Eastern U.S.
Mitten's Powwow Page Native America On-Line


SilenThunder Web Design -- American Indian owned -- good!

Bedroom Furniture - Excellent site

1-2-3 Chicago Real Estate  --  web search
Furniture Images - Complete Line Double donut dog beds - Large beds
Heaven on Mother Earth NOW Manataka Natural Cedar Furniture - Wow! Geek Real Estate
Buy Kitchen Cabinets - Very good!
Heaven on Mother Earth NOW

Log Homes - Beautiful!

Tonya Somers Clairvoyant
Spanish Translation Trusted Translations is the leading provider.

Navajo Rug Repair

Tuscan Decorating Design Center

Security Safe

Someday Treasures

Patriot Pest Control - Albuquerque, NM


Earth Dance - See for sure

Morningstar Retreats

Sacred Fire Magazine - Very Good
Meditation Techniques - meditation, music and spirituality

Union of Polarities - Magdala Rameriz 

The Psy-Center Community
Total Bhakti - Spiritual Website Palm Day -- Palm Reading  
Pipe Keepers Bud Johnston 605 595 5229
Rev Bill In Inola OK
TRAVEL - Real time booking

How Credit Cards Protect While Traveling

Questions about Buying Travel Insurance

Australian Getaways

Kokopelli Inn B&B - Estes Park, CO

Simple Dollar Travel Credit Card Resources

Bethune - Cookman University Hotels

Merry Traveler - Travel Tics

Spiritual Ephesus - Turkish Tours

Eco-Walk Tours

Mexico Vacation Travel

Hotels in Newcastle, UK

Hotels in London, United Kingdom - save some money



Compile Wedding - Excellent

Regal Weddings - Rajasthan

Wedding Directory  - very good

EAST Indian Weddings

Wedding Favors

Wedding Dresses

Ottawa Wedding

Wedding Linking



Wholesale Wedding Flowers

Federal, State Recognized and Unrecognized Tribes

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