Manataka American Indian Council




Thank You!   Gracias! 

We are deeply grateful to all the wonderful people who volunteered for service during the Manataka Summer Gathering on June 19 - 21 at the Gulpha Gorge Campgrounds and at the Hot Springs Convention Center. The blessings of our gathering were countless -- with the miracles of Spirit; the making of new friends; the bounty of old relationships strengthened; memories of colorful and touching moments; the good weather and good food; the beautiful green grass and birds singing; And, most of all the the Creator of All Things who gave us life and the Earth Mother to nurture us.


Manataka Drum Society

    Drummers and Singers:

    Amanda Morning Star Moore, Drum Leader

    Jessica Allimonki Erwin

    Becky Flaming Owl Moore

    Lisa Thornton

    Laura Iorge

    Leisha Six Fires Rhodes

    Linda Bear Heart Woman Speaks VanBibber

    Linda Two Hawk Feathers James

    Zabe Barnes

    Patsy Ruth Matthews

Manataka Medicine Lodge Keepers

    Lloyd Marrow, Lodge Keeper

    Martin White Horse Hill

    Michael Burton

    Ken Riehl 

    Lloyd Gersdorf

    Tina Adair       

    Shannon Riehl

    Salvador Loredo

    Herb Thornton

    Billy Camden

Flag Keeper

    Gary One Bull Neal

Fire Keepers

    Dan Benitez

    Norman Cordova


     Kathy Zook

Educational Materials

     Robert Gray Hawk Coke


     Linda Bear Heart Woman Speaks VanBibber


     Jorge Ortega, Sixth Sun Aztec Dancers

     Magdala Rameriz, Maya Priestess

     Mario Conroy, Apache Elder


     David Quite Wind Furr, Chair

     Robert Gray Hawk Coke, Education

     Rebecca Flaming Owl Moore, Women's Council

     Patti Blue Star Speaks Burdette, Ceremonies

     Lee Standing Bear Moore, Secretary

     *Linda Two Hawk Feathers James

     *Daniel Seven Hawk Eyes Hoffman

*Nominees Pending Confirmation


     Hot Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau       

     Kelli Withers, Leysa Lowery, and Craig Durmon

     Amigo Newspaper, Eddy Garcia, Editor

     Sentinel Record Newspaper, Tom Overton

     Springs Magazine, Sonja Lash, Editor

Gracias! Amigos!

Estamos también agradecidos para las personas de la comunidad hispana que trajo sus familias y dio las manos en la amistad y el amor.


We are also thankful for the people of the Hispanic community who brought their families and gave their hands in friendship and love.