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How Do You Deal With It?


I know that this subject is not very popular but it is a fact of life. As my last article regarding the treatment of our elderly can make people very depressed when visiting the nursing homes. Depression can affect all ages and all peoples no matter what their religious, or ethnic background may be. Depression can disturb the daily activities or routines of anyone who is affected by it. In some cases I have seen the person suffering with depression likens it to their lives suddenly darkened by a cloud of sadness for no reason at all. Sometimes this feeling comes without any warning and disrupts their lives to the extent that the person suffering contemplates even committing suicide. There are many medications that can be prescribed by a medical physician once they have diagnosed the problem.


I have been blessed with the brothers and sisters within the family at Manataka. Two weeks ago I was able to drive 8 hours to be with them. The feeling you get when a brother or sister hugs you and welcomes you, is hard to explain how you feel. Itís like a tingling all over your body that has no comparison.


Although this feeling can make a person so very happy it has its downside. After departing from the family as I was driving home I felt so good even when my legs were hurting from the terrible affects of the server case of both R/A and O/A arthritis I suffer from. By remembering the love of the brothers and sisters shown while at the gathering I was built up so much that I did not notice the pain at all. It would be so easy to get depressed because of some of the things happening around us these days. Our people suffer far greater then I. Some have no food or any type of heat during the winter months; some even die from exposure during the winter months. Please keep these people in your prayers. As we age, things within our body change and we are unable to do the things we did when younger. This is no reason to get depressed; we must learn that we have to deal with getting old. When I see older persons, much older then I, I do my best to aid them as best I can. Take care of our Elders; you will be old one day. Be blessed and may the Creator be with us all.


Be Blessed, Hawk With Seven Eyes


Daniel Hawk With Seven Eyes Hoffman is a founding member of the Taylorville Black Horse Powwow, Inc,' a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization. He has given presentations at schools in Central Illinois area on the history, culture and religious beliefs of the Native American people for over 27 years. Hawk and members of his group present dance demonstrations for children who along with their teachers are invited to dance.  Hawk believes children are the future.  






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