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Anne Marie

 By Marie Rundquist (a'tugwet mui'n)  


How an Amerindian Woman of Seventeenth-Century Nova Scotia and a DNA Match Redefine American Heritage is a non-fiction work that tells the story that the "Native American" cultural historians often forget when they discuss, or write about our Native American ancestry and heritage -- those of us who came from the unions that occurred at the time of first contact. 

Containing over 100 source reference citations, it also serves as a launch point for further research of heritage, here and in Nova Scotia, which is of interest to people who share our ancestry.

In Revisiting Anne Marie: How an Amerindian Woman of Seventeenth-Century Nova Scotia and a DNA Match Redefine American Heritage, Marie Rundquist details how she traced her family genealogy through 12 generations back to an ancient Amerindian woman of 17th century Nova Scotia and re-discovered her family's hidden Acadian-Mi'kmaq beginnings in the New World.

According to the author, many people turn to DNA testing to discover their roots - and the results are sometimes shocking. Now, in Revisiting Anne Marie, Rundquist shows how a DNA test overturned everything she thought she knew about her own carefully mapped ancestry. After tracing her maternal ancestry to Anne Marie of 17th-century Port Royal Nova Scotia, Rundquist resolved to come to know her forgotten ancestor and her extended family once again. In Revisiting Anne Marie, Rundquist brings her ancestors' untold stories to light, visits archives, travels to Nova Scotia, follows her ancestors' ancient routes and discovers the key to her family's survival in an old Mi'kmaq legend.


DNA testing, Rundquist believes, provides a method of reconnecting to ancestors and present-day cousins, as well as illuminating a heritage that otherwise might remain unknown. She writes how DNA testing works and offers practical advice on how readers can use the results to trace and explore their own unique lineage.


About the Author
Marie Rundquist (a'tugwet mui'n) is a software consultant and project administrator of the Amerindian Ancestry Out of Acadia Family Tree DNA Project. In 2007, she founded the Family Heritage Research Community to celebrate her family's restoration of heritage through research and publication of histories and to support others in similar efforts. Her articles have been featured in several historical publications including Le Chainon, The Searcher of the Southern California Genealogical Society and Michigan's Habitant Heritage. "I was named by a member of the Mi'kmaq tribe in Newfoundland who was inspired to name me in the tradition of the Mi'kmaq.  In English, the name translates to Talking Bear indicative of a story teller -- I chose to use the native language to express the name, as others are now doing.  It is a'tugwet mui'n."  ~ Marie Rundquist


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Soft Cover:  138 pages

Publisher:  Book Surge Publishing

Publication Date:  February 07, 2009

Language: English

ISBN: 1439205000



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