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The Five Fingered Ones

By Gary One Bull Neal



 We stand upon the Mountain

Our cry goes to the Four Winds

Our prayer goes to our Mother below

Our prayer goes to our Father above

Our cry goes to All Winds

The gentle breezes then reveal

That pathway to our Heart


 One then comes that now walks with the Winds

It is the one that lead the dance called Sodizin

Grandpa Martin was there at the South Mountain called Turquoise

It was Grandpa’s dream of the many rainbow lodges pitched there by the spring


 This one stood in the center and raised his five fingers to the people

He called all the people

“The Five Fingered Ones”

His cry was only for Peace,

The Holy Ones he said now tell us

“In our hands…. We hold the Lodge of the Rainbow

We All have Five Fingers, we All have a piece

This is the time of no color

This is the time for the 500 years of Peace”

The word “they” is now gone, it is now only “we”

We are the bridge for today and tomorrow

We are the bridge of the Rainbow

We are the bridge for the Peace!

We are “The Five Fingered Ones”

We are the ones of our sweet Mother’s Dream!


Grandfathers Martin and Leon now both walk with the winds

Their words and songs are for all that will hear

Their words and songs now travel in the gentle breezes of the winds

Their dreams now dance in the winds

There is wisdom for those that may choose to listen

We are there among the Winds.

Just feel the gentle breezes

We are there among the Winds








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