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By Gram Selma Palmer, Ocali Nation





In the Beginning...


Most native tribal nations have children's teachings, myths and legends regarding the origins of humans, including references to our planetary home, called "Turtle Island.  Many nations tell of a world of water and the animals who dived to the depths of the water to find soil to create a solid surface called earth.


As we grow up those teachings and legends take on a symbolic meaning, making clear that which should have been clear in the first place.  And, we wonder how we missed an aspect or minute particle of information imbedded in the essence of the Creation Stories.


Today was such a day for me.


It was sorta like, I wonder if this event occurred once? Or, could it be that there are separate oral teachings of the Creation story due to the fact that it has happened more than one time on this plane? Why would creation only occur one time? "In the beginning..." it is said, but in the beginning of what?


When Creator first created the world and all life forms.


"Okay, that beginning.  But what about the beginning after the flood that destroyed the world and all life forms?  Should there be a set of oral teachings of origins or re-creation to explain the mysteries of that event?  We know from the study of archeology that there are other beginnings from one era to another. 


American Indian core teachings tell us that life, the universe, all existence is a circle with no beginning and no end.  A circle is full of cycles, just like the ever changing, ever different cycle of the seasons.  No two springs alike and no two summers alike.  Each season builds on the energy of the prior season to become more than it was before.  Re-evolving on and on thru out time.  Re-evolving as the need demanded or permitted.  Re-creation by that evolving of the new into the newer more complex created reality.


This would explain many creation myths, legends, teachings and visions.   This concept is larger than our limited minds could ever hope to hear, know or teach to those who follow us.  But, this only covers just one life realm or level of reality.  It must multiplied by all the number of other realms and levels of reality to understand the complexity and immensity of all the other possibilities and probabilities.


As all life forms perish and depart from this life realm, their physical body's dissolve into the soil of Earth Mother, their souls travel to the Creator, their energy and spiritual essence returns to Earth Mother and permeates all that it comes in contact with.  


The essence, teachings and lessons of all our ancestors are all contained in the cycle of life


Just like the waters of the earth that flows full of life for a time, it will eventually evaporate.  It then rises to the heavens to becomes something different and then it returns to the Mother Earth to begin the cycle again.  All things --  from humans, to vegetables, to rocks, creepy crawlers, and all manner of things on the face of the earth and beneath its surface travel the cycle of life and will eventually die, evaporate, touch the Divine realm and return in another form or in the same form.  


Aho, in this way We Are All Related! Mitakuye Oyasin!   All things of the Earth Mother share common ancestors.  We share the same knowledge.  We all derive our spiritual energy from the same source -  not only in this realm, but in all those beyond.


Oh my!  I just realized that I am truly very old!



Until next time I leave you with a hug,


Gram Selma

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by Selma Palmer 2009




A Short Biography



8/13/1945 -

Gram Selma is the Administrator of Ocali Nations Intertribial, a Florida native American Indian intertribal organization, and  is of Navajo/Apache descent.  Selma was born of the traditions and she has dedicated her life to the continued study of the same, having been blessed to be  a student of many well known and respected Elders and Tribal Leaders.

She has served as a delegate to the White House Conference on Native American Education. From 1996 to 1998, she was honored and appointed as a Peace Elder for Wolfsong, an indigenous world wide elders council.  She has also served on powwow committees and on Board of Directors of various Native American oriented organizations.

Recently she has been honored by having some of her traditional crafts purchased by the Fenimore Museum in Cooperstown, NY.   Since 1990, Selma has dedicated herself full time to "perpetuating" and assisting others in the perpetuation of the traditional oral teachings, sacred traditions, ceremonial concepts and prophecies of "the people" (all Native Americans).  Selma has shared "Circle of Life" classes for thirty years.  She is a licensed minister and spiritual counselor of non denominational status.

Selma Palmer, biologically  a Cawley, being the daughter of  Robert Harris  Cawley , who was adopted as an infant by the Palmer's of Georgia and of Una Johnston (maiden) of West Virginia.

Selma can be contacted thru The Ocali Nations Int. Inc., P.O. Box 2316, Silver Springs, Fl 34489