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By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess



The Big Initiation




Human being are passing through a Big Initiation.  The initiation happened before in a different time space so it is not the first time, but it is the first time that involves human beings  -- all the races, because our planet is changing and moving into her original vibration and all creation is moving with her.


We will enter a beautiful world, a world of unity an peace, a world where all creation recognizes the connection of one to another, a connection within ones self, a connection to the multi-universe, the cosmic way of thinking is being awakened.


There are many energies present today that do not belong to this world.  These energies have created distortions of the manifest world.  These are energies that divide, energies that hold people back, energies that have enslaved human beings for a very very long time.  These energies force people create a reality based in a distorted way of thinking, limited, and enslaving.  These energies have been used to create a world of slaves.  The distorted creation was based in wrong beliefs.


We as humans can create our own reality.  It is our design and our divine rightful heritage.  Humans are co-creators as we are the sons and daughters of the One Supreme Creator who gave humans the ability to create.  It is therefore our job and destiny to create. 


Our ancestors knew about dimensions -- first to the 17th and beyond.  The ancient codex of the Maya sets down a record up to the 17th dimension.  The present time space is within the 5th dimension, the world of the enchanted flower, a world that serves as a portal to many other worlds.  Other traditions call this time in space, Shambala, Kingdom of Heaven and other names. 


This planet was created to experience higher ways of dimensionality.  The ancient codex, Chilam Balam, says “the Dark Lords created time” and with that creation on this planet, the third and forth dimensions were created.  As we approach the year 2012, The time has come when the whole planet will enter a higher consciousness and human beings will awaken to align with the planet.   All human beings have in the inner core the knowledge of their origin, in 2012 the sun will be exactly in the middle of the Galaxy, and our ancestors knew that was a new beginning….


The energy that wants to stop human beings from flowing into a higher dimension of understanding cannot enter that realm.  In the new world, there will be no

envy, jealousy, racism, greed, competition, physical and mental abuse, rapes, war and distortions.  Where will those things go?  They are all inside the human being.   But those feelings based on hurt and pain will be vanquished when humans walk into the Light of spiritual awareness and awakening.  In the Creation world, in the world that is manifested, sadness, depression and sickness will become the unnatural. 


The outside world is cold and impersonal.  The inside world of human feelings is warm and personal.  We are constantly at war with the outside and inside, between the impersonal and personal selves.  The outside world of the masculine and the inside world is the feminine has been out of balance for many centuries, but the time is nearing when a new balance will change the way we feel, think and act.



In the meantime, here we are stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  Sitting on a big crystal, broadcasting the ways of the feminine, the inside world, while we resist against oppression.   We are fighting the locals over a dirt road that leads to our ceremonial grounds, the Temple of the Feminine, the Temple of the 12 + 1 built with perfect sacred math.  We are forced to fight about this road that divides in diagonal, the hypotenuse, of a square (for the ones that knows sacred math).  We fight with local white supremacists and all the energies that seeks to deny the inner world, the world of the feminine, the road that leads to the Temple of the Union of Polarities.  It is an age-old fight, one that is being fought in thousands of places and in millions of ways.


The story of the suppression of the feminine is coming into an end.   The inner core of the human being is ready to speak and manifest.  Human being are ready to embrace that realization and enter the biggest adventure of all human history -- the knowing of ones self, the union of polarities.  The time of change is here.   Both hemispheres of the brain will be used in concert.  Both hemispheres of the planet will join to become one. The condor and the eagle must fly together.


There are forces inside of me that admits that I am scared.  A voice within me says, "Get out of here!  What are you doing? Are you crazy? You don’t even speak English well!"   


But, there is a greater voice inside of me saying, "Just hold it together.  Fear is not useful.  Be ready for whatever the fight may bring.  The fight belongs to the world, and the world is inside of you.  Know that you are protected, know that you are in the perfect Entrega.  Know the world is watching over you.  The time has come to awaken.  You are in a time of labour.  You created the temple and you remembered the teachings.  Now you will hold it together and let sacredness be." 


This land where we live does not belongs to anyone because its sacredness does not come from a tribe, a culture, a religion or tradition.  The sacredness of this land comes from the core of being human, it comes in the direct connection with the father-mother god that resides in all creation.   We wonder which voice within me will win.


I do love you sooo much.   We are creating a new world for all the beautiful people.


I am you