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Fruit of the Loom brand

100% Heavy Cotton, 5.6 ounce heavyweight jersey knit

with shoulder-to-shoulder taping and seamless rib collar.

Quality Weave - Durable - Easy-Care - Wrinkle Free 

Comes in Earth Green and Sky Blue



Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL

Shipped: Priority Mail via USPS with Tracking


Easy Care Instructions:  Turn inside out and wash in cold water


It's not easy to find a good quality T-shirt.  

Manataka's Sacred Seal T-Shirt is the best one you will ever own. 

Our heavyweight jersey knit t-shirt take a lot of wear and washings.


$18.95 M, L and XL + shipping/handling -- Add $2 for larger sizes


Proceeds benefit the Manataka American Indian Council

A nonprofit, 501(c)(3), cultural, educational, spiritual, inter-tribal, international organization




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Wear to Powwows, Drummings, Gatherings, Dances, and Ceremonies


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Show Pride in Manataka and the Good Red Road!






Meaning of the Manataka Sacred Seal

Four Colors Design
In the tradition of many American Indian nations, the four designs around the circle represents mankind and the four cardinal points of direction, east, west, south and north.

In the Beginning, the Creator sent newly created beings of different colors to each of four points on earth.  Red, pointing to the East represents the sun and creation to remind us of our rich Indian heritage and our duty to advance Indian culture. The color red is a symbol of success. White, the symbol of peace and purity points to the south. Black points to the west the place of dread and darkness and the setting sun. Blue and sometimes Yellow, points north.

Four Arrowheads

The four designs surrounding the circle are symbolic of the arrowhead which depicts strength and protects the inner seal from evil.  The four colored designs reminds us of the equality of all men and our respect for all races, nationalities, creeds and religions.

The Sacred Hoop

The outer ring of the seal is encircled by the sacred hoop. The circle of life binds the contents of the seal in unity and exemplifies the purpose of the Manataka American Indian Council to bring all people together in peace and harmony.   

Set in a pure white background symbolizing truth, purity and peace. The word "Ma-na-ta-ka", comes from the name of the sacred gathering place of many nations and tribes, including native peoples from North, Central and South America.  Literally translated, the word Manataka means "the unbroken circle".


Manataka, now called Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas was also called "No-wa-sa-lon", meaning the Breath of Healing because of the therapeutic hot  springs. A great abundance and many varieties of medicinal healing herbs, healing clay and healing crystals are also found Manataka.

The light blue inner seal represents the sky and the dwelling place of the Great Spirit - the Creator of All Things that surrounds the green Mother Earth with protection and love. 

The Green Pyramid

Symbolizes sacred Mother Earth and all her bounty and portrays the great mountain, Man-a-ta-ka, a most sacred American Indian site in the western hemisphere.  The dark blue field flowing down the mountain and into a pool at the bottom denotes the healing hot waters of No-wa-salon that spews from the depths of the mountain. 



A brown cup surrounding the sacred waters is tobacco used by American Indians in religious ceremonies.  Tobacco represents the plant kingdom and our reverence for all living things. 

Rising Phoenix or Thunderbird
The great spread-wing Thunderbird or 'Rising Phoenix' is reminiscent of the prophecy that foretells of the emergence and rebirth of our ancient civilization.  The Thunderbird figured prominently in American Indian ritual and dance and is considered a symbol of strength and loyalty.

The great seal of the Manataka American Indian Council symbolizes rebirth of the spirit and strength of indigenous peoples and our sacred duty to advance the culture of American Indians.