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By Gram Selma Palmer, Ocali Nation




The Old Ways......

The ways of our ancestors, the way of tried and true traditions, the instructions Creator gave the people to prosper and be one with all living forms.  Some elders hold that knowledge and they are the ones to seek out for counsel to learn, so the truths may be passed to the next generation.




Anytime in the Native American community at large, when an elder crosses over to the Creator and beyond our realm, we are filled with mixed emotions.


We know in our heart of hearts that Creator would not have called them unless it was time to do so , and that even on this realm that calling has effects that ripple all over the a greater or lesser degree.


When an elder has been sick or ill for some time, we somewhat expect that crossing to be in the near future.  But when tragedy strikes without warning and an elder is taken from this realm without warning we feel a loss that is beyond verbalization.


Most Native people feel, yes literally feel a connection to those they know.  Love, respect, reverence and admiration.   We are all connected through DNA,  through our spirituality, and through the Creator.


It is somewhat like a giant spider web that weaves the strands of life into, around, through, under, over, above, below, to and through each individual to the next individual, all the way around the circle of life.


When the wind blows, a twig through a spiders web, there is a hole left.  All the strands feel the loss.  They are temporarily detached and at the least sagging and weakened.   So it is when an elder is taken by Creator without warning.  The hole that their leaving creates creates a gap, a wound amongst the entire community.


Many of us are separated by distances of many miles, but our hearts and spirits are connected through strands of life.  We feel the impact and "vacancy".   Creator, time, prayers, commitment to honoring what and who that elder was while alive and carrying their work forward to the next generations, all help heal that " hole ". 


Eventually new strands are created to connect those affected by allowing a small bead of energy to take a place where the hole once existed.  The hole is repaired but the person is never forgotten. 


Hugs from Gram Selma


Selma Palmer 2009