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By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess




Colorado Dreamin'



 (Harrison, AR - July 30, 2009)  I am back into the temple, where the waters comes out from the womb, it is so beautiful everywhere, felt good to come back home, to come into the mothers world.


I have been on top of the mountain in Colorado, where beauty is everywhere.  I needed a new perspective.  I needed to talk to the Father on top of the mountain.  I needed to touch the heart of the many.   We created such a beautiful space of love, it was so much that tears of happiness and beauty were everywhere.  It happened in the temple of beautiful Sally where many hearts were touched.  The bridges were there  -- the beautiful sisters and brothers that are the bridge for the many.  It all felt like April, a beautiful long awaited springtime when our hearts are cold. So my April was there, full of heart, full of beauty, creating the bridge, while the new Templars were awakened, as the witness, with all his heart


Soon, a video of that special moment will be available. I am so thankful to all my Colorado brothers and sisters.  All was completed and was my time to come back into the sacred land of the ark was there.  My beautiful sisters that hold the space of sacredness at the land were waiting for me, with so much love, with so much beauty.


Road Battle Continues

Yes, about the sacred land, as many of you know, the battle still goes on, the lawyers are trying to figuring out this one, papers and papers.  I need your help, I need you to send letters to Mike Beebee, Governor in Arkansas:  or

She is very beautiful and truly wants to help.  I need your help financially too! 


One thing I need more than anything:  I need you to dream the bridge and the gate, a bridge that will connect male-female, a rainbow bridge, and a gate, a gate that will not allow interference for this two powerful forces to be reunite, I want you to dream it, I want you to envisioned,  became the bridge and the bridged.  I want you to feel it inside of you, and see it.  One beautiful day, we will create the gate and the bridge all together, will be a powerful ceremony.


Upcoming Agenda

Our next journey will be Minnesota, the 8 of August, check the web site, for more information about seminars and ceremonies. There will also be ceremonies at the land, that we truly need to know how many people is coming, for there is so much preparations to be done.


We will have a beautiful gathering tomorrow, for the new Templars, the new men are coming as well as many sisters too, we will enter into a week end of ceremonies, I am so exited about this, besides, is my birthday.  I have also my grandchild with me, and here she is, bringing the new stories within me….

Here is her story, when I take her to bed last night, and she asked me, Abuela, tell me a story….


I love you so much

In lakesh