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By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess





My Beautiful Ones,


Today, is such a beautiful day, I am so happy, in the land where the waters comes out from the womb, all is blooming, the attacks of the feminine have come to and end, the attacks of controlling human beings have gone, the attacks of the virtual reality to be expose, are gone, the chain is up and my lawyer have sent a letter for the judge. This story have come to an end and another one is beginning “we all win”…


I feel so happy, it feels so good.  It feels so free, so incredible good. For Heaven is on Earth and Earth is on heaven… (the whole story about this soon will be at the web site)


In the sacred land there is no people with weapons, no people cursing the Indians… hehe… for the love of the mother flows everywhere.  There is a lot of butterflies here.  Hummingbirds, three wolves and millions of orbs.  At the place where the bridge-gate will be manifested, in the road, ceremonial places, but specially here at this temple of the union of polarities. And a lot of people in town so happy about us and people everywhere in the world are making the change.  It looks like we inspired them.


 But anyway, do we do the victory dance? Or not yet? 


It has been a powerful journey and the messages have been strong.  Yes, the time of the temple of the feminine is here, the mother cannot be silence, and  her teachings are being download everywhere in the world. We have change the course of history, the temple has been rebuilt and now entering into another realm.  The awakening of the new Templars is eminent, for we are manifesting now.  There is a sister that is recording everything in a file, with names and dates, and situations, donations, all as part of a big message,  for indeed, we recreated history.


In this journey, we have connect with such a beautiful people from all over the world, grandmothers from many traditions have been contact, and soon we will have a big gathering of the grandmothers from all over the world in the sacred land at the temple 12+1. Beautiful People from civil rights, and groups of many races have come together because of this little road.


The time of the silence of the minorities in this country have come to an end, for there is no divisions anymore, all the races have come together, (This is what I really like about this country for all the races are together,  is a unique country).   I am so grateful for all of you, people from the media, people from all over the world, we are changing the world! It has been beautiful to see the light workers awakening and coming forward.  They are saying "here I am mama", in here, in their little or big communities, in themselves. It has been so beautiful to see the people all together.


We are very thankful to Portia and her son.


We will create a bridge gate!   It is a big deal to be created as the people have dreamed.  The perfect one, a shield, that will not allow interference from the outside world, in the  work that human beings have come here to do, a bridge that will connect the feminine and masculine energies. The bridge gate, that we will need to created ourselves, …. Here is the bridge gate:





 Beautiful?  We will begin to build it this  week and everyone is welcome to help to build her.  Finally we got the donations we need to build her.  Then we will hold a victory dance.


We received  a lot of messages about the orbs lately.  In this sacred land there are millions and the star people are communicating.  We will speak about this in the column. It is so powerful what is going on now.


I also received a message today that the time has come to open the ancient sacred places here at the sacred land and let the crystal  clear  shine! Will begin after 9-9-9. 


We will have a ceremony at the sacred land the 9-9-9.  Everyone is welcome.  


And there will be a seminar ceremony of the union of polarities, intensive, by the equinox, in September,  check the web site for upcoming seminars and ceremonies….  An let us know…


 My new book “The World of the Enchanted Flower” a 490 page novel is now available.  $25 dollars including shipping.  


 My next book, "The Fifth Direction" may be ready by the end of the year.  


We are also taking registration for the school on line for trimester sep-dec


October 3:  13 hours of Drumming will take place in Cleveland, at Lake Erie. Everyone is welcome.  


 I am thankful for your help! Thank you to all the peace warriors who came to the land to protect and assist.


I love you so much.  In lakesh   Magdala




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