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It is a time for Dreaming

by L. Cota Nupah Makah



It is nearing the time for the Bear to return to its cave and dream our world for the coming year.


When first Grandmother Bear of the Great Waters walked across the stars and climbed to the Moon she tossed from the Moon the pieces  that would become the Earth…ensuring for her children a place to stand, to live, to create, to love and enjoy each other; until somehow we lost our way.


Now is the time to Return to our old ways and remember the  rites and ceremonies  to create  the Whole, both in monumental  acts, and in small every day acts. These small and large acts of compassion and love show how we Insole our World by giving ourselves to the transformation and cherishing of our own souls and all our relations.


I look forward to June and to the promises made last by the Spirit Helpers there, for I have never known any ‘spirit helper’ to break a promise. My task – and our task together - is keeping an open heart, and mind, and respect for others as the requirements made of us for promises to be fulfilled.


May we continue our prayers for this world and our mother Earth,

And take joy in the beauty with which we are gifted…
And when we would turn away from another,
remember,  we turn our back on ourselves….

Find some way to take the hand of someone you don’t know
and show them  the beauty of this world
or listen as they speak to you

When we stand as alone we

We are not as strong as when we stand united as one.

The weaving of our braids together is also the sharing of our collective knowledge.


For the Seven Generations to come.
We just never know where the gifts will come from and teach us
blessings that will keep us strong in spirit and body…
May we all walk peacefully with feet that hear
the next move to make.  


This keeps us as strong as needed,

as centered as needed,
and able to connect with the spirits
of so many to know loving human community.


L. Cota Nupah Makah