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What is Truth II?

~By Robert Gray Hawk, July 2008



“Truth is the foundation of all knowledge and the cement of all societies.”  - John Dryden


“To know the truth is easy, but, ah, how difficult to follow it.” - Rahel



Truth is concerned with the great fundamental questions that have perplexed and, at the same time, engaged our humankind  Since we have two types of truths, the absolute truth and the relative truth, there must be an understanding of truth. TRUTH has a special meaning. We do not mean “All the truths that exist.” Nor do we mean, “All the facts that are known.”


Absolute Truth has its origin in the Divine Universal Mind or some would say the Creator’s mind. The absolute truth is that which was given by the Creator as Divine Principal. Anything that acknowledges, verifies, supports, or expresses divine ideas is called “TRUTH.” Anything that contradicts or attempts to negate divine ideas is called “ERROR.”


When we use Truth to represent the perfect ideas that the Creator has given us,  Truth is absolute, unlimited, unchanged and complete.


When we use truth to represent life as humans understand it, we are referring to Relative Truth, which deals with human thought and feeling and is constantly changing, limited, and incomplete. In contrast, Absolute Truth endures, and what is true today always was truth and always will be truth.


The human mind has the unique ability to identify with the Absolute and, at the same time, to participate in the changing processes of the Relative. Learning the difference between Absolute Truth and Relative Truth helps us in a practical way in our lives, where we experience sickness, poverty and death.


The works of Creator, as mind, are created as divine ideas All things rest on divine ideas, therefore, they are changeless.


The idea behind the music is the harmony and the idea of the flower is beauty. Relative truth is based upon out human experience of the appearance of things in the physical world.


To summarize what I have said of truth; Truth is experienced as both Absolute Truth and as Relative Truth, depending on your focus. Absolute truth describes the pure, ideal good that includes the Divine Mind, it is changeless. The Relative truth is aspect of dimension of good that we experience in the physical world, The Relative truth is constantly changing


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Robert Gray Hawk King Coke, 77, Cherokee, is the newest member of the Manataka Elder Council. Coke graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute in 1952 with a biology degree. He served in the U.S. Army with a tour in Europe.


After returning home, Robert Coke, entered pre-seminary school Austin College with a major in Philosophy.  He continued his education by earning a degree in Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Bachelor of Business Administration at Southern Methodist University where he later served on the faculty as an instructor. In 1996, Elder Coke was elected Chairman, of the American Indian Heritage Association and served as an ambassador for the American Indian Center of Dallas. Gray Hawk is now a semi-retired consultant.




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