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The Girl with the Golden Wings


A long time ago there was a little girl named Mary Ann who was born with very beautiful golden wings that were tiny and fluffy.  Her parents were very concern about what people thought about their daughter and they loved her so much that they sheltered her away from people and removed all the mirrors in their home and do not allow her to go to school or play with friends.


They lived in a beautiful home in the country so the little winged girl named Mary Ann was far away from everybody.  Her entire world was contained within a small piece of land where she chased butterflies and played with all the beautiful animals of the creation.  She grew up not knowing she had wings on her back, so did never tried using them.


Once while chasing a butterfly Mary Ann ran until she got to a beautiful lake near her home. It was a magical evening, the sun was ready to go to sleep, and she began to worry because she has never been that far away from home before.  Suddenly, Mary Ann saw her reflection in the lake.  It was the first time she realized that she wore small golden wings on her back.


Mary Ann became concerned because she knew instantly that she was not like other humans -- she had wings! 


After finding her way home, Mary Ann sat at the dinner table and asked her parents about the wings on her back.  Startled, they did not know what to say and just looked at each other for the longest time.  Finally, her mother smiled and said, "Yes Mary Ann, your wings are beautiful, but they do not move." 


The next morning, the Mary Ann decided to ask the birds how to move her wings. She met a blue bird and asked, "My friend, tell me how do you move your wings to fly?"


Mr. Blue Bird looked at her in the strangest way and said, "I do not know little girl.  I do not know how to explain it to you.  It just happens.  Mr. Blue Bird, flapped his wings as he started to fly away and said, "When I was very little my mother instructed me how to fly and then I tried it and I flew everywhere." 


Mary Ann thought about Mr. Blue Bird's advise, but did not know what she would do because her mother did not have wings.  Next, she found a busy little hummingbird and asked how she moved her wings.  Miss Hummingbird was zipping here and there so fast that she did not stop and listen to the little girl.  Sadly walking away, she spotted an majestic eagle and asked how he moved his wings.  The Mr. Eagle was very solemn as he peered down at her from his high perch. Mr. Eagle cleared his throat and began to explain in very technical terms how he moved in wings in turbulent cross winds, velocity dives from high altitudes, and a lot of other detailed instructions that left the little girl confused.  Mr. Eagle certainly knew his business, but it was far too technical for her to understand.  


Mary Ann continued asking all that day but most birds just laughed when her.  She was tired and sad.  She tried to do something with her tiny wings, but she could not touch them on her back.  She jumped up and down, ran off a short ledge several times, and tried with all her might to move her wings.  All with no success.  The next morning, she began running to the lake to see her reflection in the water to see if she could move them.  All the birds and other creatures of the forest wondered why she was in such a hurry so they followed her.  


As she arrived at the lake all the birds and animals gathered behind bushes and trees to watch the little girl with the golden wings.  For a long time Mary Ann stared at her reflection in the water and closely examined her beautiful wings.  She tried to move them, but they would not budge.  She began to cry and her tears fell into the lake like a gentle rain.  Suddenly, a beautiful woman rose from the lake and floated on top of the water as she approached the shore where the little golden winged girl stood.  


The Lady of the Lake greeted the winged girl with a warm smile and said, "Who are you friend and why do you knock at my door?"


Mary Ann was astonished because she had never seen such a beautiful woman and she could not speak.  The Lady of Lake asked again, "Who are you and why have you come to my door?"


Finally Mary Ann said, "I am just a little girl and I am sorry to bother you with my tears.  I did not know I was knocking at your door, I was just crying because I have wings and do not know how to move them… I do not know how…. And tears began to fall into the water again.


The Lady of the Lake felt compassion for the little girl and said, "I have many sisters and I will call my sister the Wind to help you." 


The Lady of the Lake tapped her feet and whirled around several times in a wonderful dance and a stream of water began to rise from the lake.  The water spiraled upward, far into the sky creating a magnificent rainbow.  Just then the wind began to gently blow the Mary Ann's hair and she felt the wind against her cheek.  She heard voices of the Wind Sisters talking, but she did not understand what they were saying.  The Wind Sisters continued to swirl and whirl around her talking in high voices as they danced. 


All the birds and forest animals hidden in the bushes and trees behind her stared in amazement.  They knew something marvelous was about to happen, but they all wondered if the little girl was brave enough, strong enough and smart enough to use her gifts.   


A voice suddenly began to speak from beyond the rainbow far up into the sky.  "Did you try to move your wings little one?  Did you feel the freedom in your heart? 


Looking up and closing her eyes at the same time, Mary Ann said, “How do I fly Great Mother?  What should I do?"


"Well," said Great Mother, "I will explain it to you in words you will understand.  Have you ever felt the trees after a long rain?  Have you been to the top of a mountain and felt the wind at your back?  Have you loved with all your heart?  Have you had a magical dream?  Have you been on a powerful adventure?

Have you ever trusted completely? Have you surrendered yourself to love? Well, maybe some of that will come later in your life, but does this help you?"


"I am not sure Great Mother, I think I need to experience that..."


"Let me know if you need more assistance," said the Great Mother.


Many years past by after that day at the lake.  Mary Ann grew out of her sadness about not being able to fly as she continued to make more friends among the birds and animals of the forest.  As she grew, many of the things the Lady of the Lake and the Great Mother occupied her thoughts more frequently.  For many years she held in her heart what the great Mother asked and finally, when she was a young teen, Mary Ann  began to experience the feelings the Great Mother asked her about.   She was on top of a mountain when she remembered the Great Mother teachings.  She stood on a cliff praying and feelings of love embraced her.   She began to whirl, leap and spin in a sacred dance, lifting her arms high she danced on the mountain and she felt the wings on her back move!  Mary Ann began to feel everything around her -  almost lifting her, embracing her, knowing a deeper connection with everything around her than she had ever know before.  As Mary Ann surrendered to feelings of love the Wind Sisters joined in the sacred dance, inviting her, lifting her, bouncing, and laughing, she felt a deep, soft connection with all things of nature. 


Mary Ann felt love in every movement of the sacred dance and felt like the entire earth was helping her to fly.  She saw the Eagle and heard his cry of invitation to see the world in a different way, another perspective.  All her bird and animal friends where there cheering her onward, upward.  She saw the flowers inviting her to blossom.  She felt the sun sending rays of light to caress her body pulling her upward.  Her sacred dance moved all of nature to sing and the power of its music vibrated within the depths of her body to shake the wings on her back into full movement.   Whoosh! Mary Ann lifted off the cliff and gently flapped her wings against the wind.  She was alive!  She was free! 


I do not know what happened with Mary Ann after that day.  I do not know where is she now.  My memory of her still holds tight to the vision of a beautiful young woman with large golden wings shining in the sun.  The last time I saw her, she was turning upward to the great rainbow in the sky, toward the Great Mother. 


In lakesh



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