Manataka American Indian Council







By Standing Elk

Assistance on the Sacred Path


Greetings, Our Relations,

This evening the Firefly People are with you. We are lights upon this Sacred Path. We are teachers who help you to watch your footsteps. Understand that you must choose with each step, which path it is that you walk. For Within those places you call subconscious, at every moment, every human being chooses the path s/he walks.

Become conscious of your choice of the Sacred Path and your subconscious will always chose the Path of Light. Become conscious from that place of the heart, and the inner realms known as the subconscious will always choose the light.

We, the Firefly People, teach you to shine your light. Human Beings have many lights. In the past you glowed as we do now. In the future this will be so again.

That which has been unconscious must rise to the conscious. The Sacred Path must be part of the Conscious Mind for this light radiance to return. This inner light is the choice of light manifest within the physical. This level of manifestation means that you are certain of your path.

We Fireflies know our path. We are way showers, light bringers, and guides along the Path of Life.

If you are keen in observation, you will notice that at different moments, our lights are different colors, for we resonate with those energies that are needed in the moment.

So too, your own light destiny will teach you to resonate with Mother Earth and to prepare for this time. Focus upon the light; internalize the Rainbow; become familiar with the frequency, with the consciousness of each of these colors. For these colors will awaken in you that which is called Cellular Memory.

The Wisdom that is already there will come forth. You will remember! The Ancient Ways will return, for the future and the past are one and the same.

We are little Starlight Beings that fly around on Mother Earth. We fly around in the natural world. Notice how we stay to the trees, and in the fields. You will find very few of us in the cities.

Learn from our example. If you follow us with prayer in your heart, we will guide you to sacred places. If you follow us with confusions or wants in your mind, with greed or jealousy in your hearts, we will guide you to a place of lesson. Both will be teachings. Again, we will respond to the vibration that you bring to us, just as all life responds to you in a similar way.

If you wish for your path to be a sacred one, then act like a Sacred One. Choose in the moment, to be as sacred as you know how.

This will unfold, the momentum will grow and soon that place within called the subconscious will be cleansed. It will become your friend, rather than that jailer from your past thoughts.

Set yourself free by practicing holiness.  Focus on that which is beautiful inside and share that with your world.  This is the key and it is a simple one. This key opens realms of Beauty to you.

If you were a pure being, would you want to respond to one who yet has much to learn? And yet, we the little Star Firefly Peoples respond to you as do all of your Relations.

So learn from our example. Learn from the example of the holy people that walk as human beings. Make that choice to nurture that which is beautiful within you, then your Sacred Path will become clear. Then your helpers will come to you. Know that all of your helpers are just waiting...waiting for your purification, waiting for the mirror of yourself to be cleansed, waiting for you to be ready to receive the gifts that are hovering very close by.

The Firefly People will shine their light upon you if you wish to find your Sacred Path. We will take you on a journey within yourself to find that center pole, that reason for you being here.

Make prayers for our nation and give away to the Relations. This is what we ask of you also. For life is the Giveaway and is the requirement of the Creator.

Love is the water which turns the wheel of life. So do your Giveaways. Allow your Love to grow. Then we the Firefly People will help you grow according to the Spiritual Laws the Creator has sent forth.

To make this journey into the self more easy and graceful, you may cleanse yourself with the light as we have already spoken. You may cleanse yourself by meditating, going within that still place, and meeting your personal teachers, by allowing your feelings and your intuitions to teach you. So, if you wish an easier journey, prepare yourself.

Our Nation will help you the moment you call, the moment you invoke this Sacred Symbol of this Spiritual Growth of Man. We will take you through the challenges within your subconscious. We will help you face all of these things. We will awaken you to your inner lessons. We will nudge them free so that they will emerge within your consciousness. We will help you purify your inner realms.

This purity is necessary in order to discover your Sacred Path. We will assure you that, as quickly as possible, we will direct you to this memory. And then, like a strobe of light, we will be gone. For our purpose is to guide you to the Path, to place it before you. (If you will follow our light; if you will focus on the path we travel; if you feel that which is inside you).

And so, my Relations, we Firefly People await your call. We await your desire for purity. We await your sincerity to walk the Road of Spirit. We will guide you with great Love and Truth.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Standing Elk
Canku Woksape Wicasa
Mazaska Wicahpi Waste Win
The Women's Spiritual Network

Submitted by Lynn Smith, Australia