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"A tremendous talent, beautiful heart and breath-taking stage presence."

Qua ti si is a member of the Cree Nation.   Her tremendous natural talent is a gift of the Creator honed to perfection by her loving and musically talented father.  Quatisi is a private and tender hearted woman.  Her strikingly beautiful appearance combined with a gentle touch and warm phrasing makes delivery of her songs clear as a beacon with a bit of mystique and a sense of confidence borne of the connection with her music and culture.

Qua ti si has opened for many well-known artists around the country.   She moved to Nashville in the early 90's and became a studio artist for several years.  But, she says there seemed to be something missing.  She loved country music but it just didn't make the same connection that Native American music stirred within.   Qua ti si felt a strong desire  " let people know my native ways," she remembers. 

Qua ti si has great love and admiration of American Indian music.  Her fan club includes members from all parts of the United States and Europe.   Last year, Qua ti si and her band, Spirits of the Wind were nominated "Best Independent Recording Artist of the Year by the Native American Music Awards.   "Qua ti si is a very modest woman and one great performer," says Tennessee music producer James E. Monahon of Shadagea Publishing.   

Her CD, "People of the Red Man"  is a compilation of many different genres of music and talent.  People of the Red Man is a powerful offering of songs. It has all the characteristic sounds of American Indian flutes, rattles, drums, and whistles, but the artful blend of the steel guitar, violin and keyboard make the CD enjoyable and unique.   Qua ti si is working on her next CD, "Spirits of the Wind" and preparing for a European tour.  Music background "People of the Red Man".

Qua ti si's music means something.  It moves you.  Her music transports the listener to the land and people of her native heritage.  

"Spirits of the Wind" Band
Qua'ti'si', Guitar and Lead Vocals, Tennessee
Samsom Boyd, Drummer, Fort Peck Reservation, Montana
James Sesteva, Lead Guitar, Puerto Rico
Beth Travers, Bass Guitar, Tennessee

"Spirits of the Wind" has performed at many impressive venues around the country including the Native American Dance Theater, The Stardust, Music in Nashville, The Hall of Fame and more.  They were the featured act during the Ani-Yunweya Nation's Eagle Awards 

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