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By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess



Fighting for the Land


Honoring to Abuela Miss Annie Abram, the best human being that I have ever met, she makes me feel proud of being human. 




There are some that fight one day , they are good

There are some that fight one year, they are very good

There are some that fight all their life

Those ones are the indispensables

…. Silvio Rodrigues….



Beautiful Ones,


 We have encountered an incredible opening of human being in this time space, for the time is now, the time where the true human being is encountering the self.


We are back into the place where the waters comes out from the womb, after the journey of 13 hours of drum in Ohio.  The beat of the mother brought all the races together.  The beat of the mother has created a wave of awakening of the true human being DNA.  Everywhere in the world the doors are now opened for the consciousness to find the integration within the self and give birth to a new possibility of the integration, unity, and peace all over the world. I am so thankful for all my beautiful people in Ohio.  I love you so much, you made it possible.


Yesterday was a glorious, powerful day, historical day, we had a meeting that my Abuela, Miss Annie, were together in Little Rock, at the sacred place where the unity started in 1957.  We met with many spiritual leaders of many tribes.  We were 13 people sitting in that table with 13 realms of connection to bring the unity of all races, to bring the unity and integration of the self.  They were there because the Great Mother called them together, for the time has come for the Rainbow warriors come together.  They were there because the ancients ones called them.  They were there with one focus, the sacred land, there were there to embrace and protect the sacred land, the land where the waters comes our from the womb, in that table, the heart was share and awaken of all the tribes together, in one unity, the heart beat of the Great Mother, for the sacred land is all of us. 


Many things were accomplished at that meeting.  So many things were born at that table.  The unity of all tribes are giving birth to a new consciousness of finally bring the unity through the love of the Great Mothers heart beat. We will have soon 13 hours of the heart beat in Little rock, at the place where the unity started long time ago, it is indeed, so powerful times.


Finally the Great Mother have shown me why has been all this dispute in this sacred land, in the middle of nowhere, in the new Arkansas,  where the ceremonies and the sacred temples have broadcast and download the ways of the Great Mother, and sending the message to all over the world.  It now make sense why we needed to hold it together and stand up to protect this land.  The Great Mother has told us, “From this garden the many will be fed”.  Now  it make sense.


While in Ohio, they entered in the sacred land with bulldozers, and covered the evidence that the road belongs to the original creators, they have cover the ditch that a friend made for us to have telephone, 8 years ago. They entered while nobody was here, while the beat of the mother was creating the way of unity inside-out of all human beings. They truly do not know what they are doing, now I have another court day in November 13 at 9 am. And my lawyer wants more money and we do not have it, but let us see what happens.


Through the gathering with the tribes in Little Rock that Abuela Annie brought together, the leaders said, “this is our fight, you are not alone, this is our land”. Tears were there of joy to see the true human beings. Knowing that land have give birth the new born sacred feminine, the land that has healed so many young and adults from drugs, pain, and disintegration.  The land has brought the new priestesses and new temples that were able to awaken the true human being, was beyond a little self like mine, I know now, that an “Idea” cannot be killed, they can destroy the temple but they can never destroy me, that my work is to hold it together and “stay put” as they told me, in the sacred land where the waters comes out, for now, that idea is already in the hearts of all human. Abuela’s drum is sitting, waiting at the center of the temple. 12+1 are knowing that she has the beat of the mother’s heart, that in each beat she is saying “I love you”,  that the whole world now are listening.


After the Ohio Gathering, so many beautiful sisters called me crying with joy and happiness.  I am soooo thankful for all this love everywhere.


Here I am, I am standing at the sacred land where the waters comes out from the womb, as Ixchel did, as many did before me, as you are doing now. I am here Mama.


In lakesh






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