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American Indian
 by Luke Easter
Thereís only one real true American,
A human being here from the start,
Although existing of many tribes,
All nations made whole from each part.
Unlike the movies, the Indian never started the fight,
Only retaliating to save and protect property rights,
Now realizing profits from ventures on tribunal owned land, 
Along comes the U.S. Government sticking out its hand.
Even going to court in a lawsuit the attorneys are prepared,
Claiming land that is non-taxable the tribes should pay a share,
Are the powers that be going to collect the monies for the needy?
Or like everything else distribute to the Washington Greedy?
Was the Indian really thought of after the death of Sitting Bull?
Only when billions of dollars casinos on their land began to pull,
How does the government attempt to collect on property they stole?
From original owners a miniscule fraction of a fraction of the whole. 
Land that was stolen because some prospectors found gold,
The value of which Indian tribes were never informed or told,
A government that feels it is constitutionally entitled, oh how bold,
Acres not returned to the rightful owner but illegally leased or sold.
This always happens in politics so I kinda, sorta, understand,
But, the American Indian was born and raised on this land,
Long before any explorer or Christopher Columbus in 1492,
We're crying about illegal aliens? The footís in the other shoe.
I thought about this due to the fuss made about a certain Prophet,
What idiot thinks itís OK to make fun of Muhammad?
Millions in property damage and several lives have been lost,
And this form of idiotic behavior champions what type of cause?
Why slight Islam or any other secular religious nation?
Whatever happened to hey, how be you, greetings, salutations?
Intentionally disrespecting others beliefs while slamming the door,
You are surprised sects are outraged seeking revenge through war?
Yes, thereís the knucklehead claiming itís protected by free speech,
When I was growing up thatís not what the school system would teach,
You simply could not yell fire in any crowded movie theatre,
And you certainly canít make fun of an Icon Prophet in any newspaper.
We celebrate Lincoln and Washington on Presidents day,
But itís not right to honor Martin Luther King Jr. some still say,
How many Presidents have taken time to champion the needy?
Oh yeah, did early America ever honor any Indian peace treaty?
It was the Navajo Code Talkers, who fearlessly turned the tide,
Without them World War II, wouldíve been won by the other side,
In an American society where Indians were degraded and smeared,
Yet, for this country in a war not theirs, they still volunteered.
American statesmen are honored on ones, twenties, fifties, fives, tens,
With the largest denomination being donned by Benjamin Franklin,
This is what puzzles me and I wonder if anyone really will know,
Why was an Indian's head on a nickel more famous for the Buffalo?
Itís 2009, there is a lot of animosity towards illegal immigration,
This from the ancestors who actually stole the American Nation,
Obviously many donít read the bible, to them just so youíll know,
Galatians 6: 7, the United States is reaping exactly what it sowed. 
Upon their arrival the Indians welcomed Pilgrims into their tents,
Killed the braves, raped squaws, to the reservation kids were sent,
Then they went out, bought, beat, raped and murdered the slaves,
Now theyíre hell bent out of shape because Hispanics want in today?
And, the Africans not murdered or mutilated were eventually sold,
At the center of the market place many times paid for by Indian gold,
Oh, itís OK for illegal aliens in sweat shops, factories, farms or fields,
Way under minimum wage in jobs we donít want, whatís the big deal? 
Ruthless tactics by the King of England is why the British left there,
Likewise all foreigners because they were also being treated unfair,
Centuries later Haitians, Hondurans, Cubans and others want to go,
To the land of opportunity just like the Hispanics, north of Mexico.
8/10/09 Kids are not allowed access to school @ San Felipe Del Rio,
Kelt Cooper  says, 'We have a law. We have a policy. We follow,Ē
Well, if the United States had kept and not broken every single treaty,
What are the chances no Mexicans or Indians would ever be needed?
Yeah America, land of the free and home of the brave,
Except for the latter Indian version deep in the grave,
What else to expect with guns versus bows and arrows,
Fair as ten million eagles against one million sparrows.
We give millions to and praise athletes, who are MVP,
Acting stars who make movies that our children canít see,
Those in the know mostly hire unqualified next of kin,
When in the heck are we going to honor the American Indian?
by Luke Easter




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