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Garden of Eden Discovered!

Evidence proves conclusive...

By Lee Standing Bear Moore and Takatoka


(Baghdad, Iraq) (UIPI)   It was announced this week during a meeting of the prestigious World Conference of Science and Theology that the exact location of the biblical Garden of Eden has been confirmed.


Over 4,500 world renowned scientists and scholars from 150 countries met to witness the evidence first-hand and subsequently voted to accept the historic proclamation declaring the pin-point location of the Garden of Eden.  The proclamation is scheduled to be presented at the United Nations in New York, Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi tomorrow and will be carried by major media networks worldwide.


Biblical scholars, archaeologists, anthropologists, geologists, hundreds of government and university scientists, and representatives of every major religion on earth were given the opportunity to examine the evidence during the past twelve weeks before voting unanimously to accept the momentous findings. 


The potential ramifications of the discovery is not yet clearly understood according to the chairman of the World Conference of Science and Theology (WCST), Johan VonBibler. 


"Under the guidance and assistance of the UN, the World Council of Churches and the governments of Iraq and the United States, extreme security precautions are already in place to protect the site.  We are confident these measures will be sufficient to prevent people any harm or desecration of the Garden of Eden," said Chairman VonBibler. 


Ambassadors of the Turkish government stormed out of the convention prior to this historic vote claiming the Garden of Eden, as described in the Christian Bible is located in now Eastern Anatolia, that was once the land of ancient Armenia, known as the Cradle of Civilization.  The Bible describes  the Garden of Eden lying between the confluence of the four rivers.  The Turks say those four rivers are the headwaters of the Tigris, Pison, Gihon and Euphrates rivers in modern Turkey.  


Archaeologists once disagreed about the location of the Garden of Eden, some placing the location in Iraq (Southern Mesopotamia), while others claimed it was located closer to the Persian Gulf.  Before the recent discovery, nearly all archaeologists agreed the location was in the Middle East.


Several religious traditions identify the location of the garden of Eden with the city of Jerusalem,  in particular Gihon Spring.  The Mormons believed the Garden of Eden is in present-day Jackson County, Missouri. According to some strands of Scottish Gaelic tradition the Garden was located in

Ṃinteach Bharbhais (Barvas Moor) on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.


Now, there appears to be a new, extraordinary, and nearly universal acceptance of the location of the Garden of Eden. 





Fact or Fiction?

The story above is fictional.  As far as the modern world is concerned, the location of the Garden of Eden is a matter of conjecture and is not known.   So what is the point?   Please read on....


The Garden of Eden may be real or imagined, so we must allow scholars of theology to haggle about it as they have done for several thousand years.   The basis and teachings gleaned from the Story forms the foundation for three major religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Several other major religions have creation stories bearing similar religious interpretations.  The Story has served to provide an ethical and spiritual guidepost for the past six millennium for billions of people.  Therefore, the subject has substantial weight on the history and destiny of humankind.


Curiously absent from the majority of religious belief systems worldwide who subscribe to similar ideologies described in the Story of the Garden of Eden is the American Indian.  Among the hundreds of American Indian creation stories passed down for thousands of years, there is not one that is comparable or comes close to professing the same ideology.  Why?


Without entering the debate between scholars of theology about what is or is not true about the Garden of Eden, we offer our own ideas derived in part from American Indian beliefs because we can prove the exact location of the Garden of Eden.  We can prove that humans never left the Creation garden.


Evidence Exhibit 1

The idea for the evidence was given to this writer by Grandfather Lee Standing Bear Moore during one of his many creek-side talks.


"There is not one single living plant organism anywhere in the world that cannot be used as healing medicine..., said Bear.  That includes all trees, grass, bushes, flowers, weeds, vines, ferns, mosses, and green algae.  Every living plant organism is created to provide humans, creatures and the Earth Mother with healing power. 


"There is not one single stone or rock that cannot be used as healing medicine," Bear continued.  This means that all consolidated material consisting of the aggregate of minerals, including every inch of the Mother Earth's crust and inner compositions provide healing medicine. 


Conclusion: All creation provides healing medicine to everything else in Creation.  That includes all ninety-two natural chemical elements.  (Man has invented eight more elements.) 


Everything we see and walk upon on the earth is healing medicine.  Divine wisdom and intervention was present at the beginning of time and remains part of the continuing creation of today's world.  If God created the universe and countless universes beyond our own into infinity, it is clear that part of the master plan was to place God's creatures in a place where everything they see and touch in nature is healing medicine.  What better place to care for the children of Creation?  


Therefore, the Garden of Eden is symbolic for the Kingdom of God and it exists as we see it, and live in its midst, both physically and spiritually.   The Mother Earth is part of the Kingdom of God and thus humans and other creatures present in the garden were never expelled, but remain to live and evolve.   Eden is all around us, everything we see in nature and beyond is the garden and Kingdom of God.  We are here and never left.


Organized Religion Throws A Demon Into The Garden


According to the biblical Story, immediately following the Creation of Man, God commanded humans to be fruitful, replenish the earth, subdue it and have dominion over every living thing.  Do what? 


Subdue the magnificent creatures in the garden who lived in peace and harmony with humankind?  Subjugate and conquer that what was given freely and with love by the Great Mystery?  Were the animals, fish, birds, plants and stones here millions of years before Man appeared?  Because God created them first and allowed them to live together for millions of years before Man arrived, were the animals not much wiser and adapted to the Earth Mother better than Man?  Did the animals declare war against each other or something more horrendous to warrant their subjugation? 


If humans obeyed this new law, it would destroy the garden in the minds and hearts of Man.  The tragedy of Man was important to the writers of the Story.


Why was it necessary to subdue, control and own the plants, animals, water and all things of nature?  Was it not possible to live with our beautiful cousins in peace and harmony, taking only what we need to live and nothing more?  American Indians believe that it was possible and it is still  possible for Man to live the "beauty walk" on earth without interfering with nature for the sake of monetary profit.    


The alleged holy men who created religious dogma were not comfortable with nature and they, not God, decided humans were better than all their creature cousins to justify their desire to control nature and the minds and hearts of humans.   Religious planners wrote that humans were to rule over the earth and dominate all nature (Genesis 1:28) and thus they gave birth to a new kind of creation that denied humans the gifts of God.  Religious fanatics ordained themselves as rulers over the earth and thus created imbalance.


If this was not enough, the priests decided to throw a demon into the garden.  They said God cursed the people of the garden when they were tempted and ate the apple and thus gained knowledge -- meaning if humans gained awareness, consciousness, and knowledge of their world, they would hate each other.  Their dogma says, ""I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers."  This was a curse from men, not God.  The "Fall of Man" was inevitable according to their way of thinking.  The writers were intent on describing humans as sinful, worldly and without redemption to set the stage for more ominous events to follow.


The true nature of creation did not change, only the minds of men changed.  Humans were not expelled from the garden.  We were blinded by ignorance, greed, distraction and fear and could no longer see the garden. The obvious references to domination are important to the Judeo-Christian-Islamic view of Man's relation to nature and Man's role in the Kingdom of God.


Speak With Nature


Our ancient stories tell us that humans once spoke with the animals, birds, fish, and all of nature.  Humans were given the ability to communicate through vibration, magnetic resonance, a frequency of sound, light and movement that all things of nature produce, transmit, receive and possess.  Humans lost the ability to communicate in unspoken ways when they considered themselves more important than all the other animals and things of nature.  They were no longer a part of nature, but became rulers over their dominion.   


Was this part of the great plan of creation?  Obviously it was, otherwise the course of human events would be much different.  Or, it may have been a result of Man's freewill.  Regardless, cultures worldwide took up the dogmatic premise of Man's supremacy over nature.  It was after all part of Man's own emotional nature to feel fear of the unknown and his need to be master.


Man not only became blind in the garden, he also lost the ability to speak and hear things of nature.  By the grace of God, some people today retained in their DNA the ability to "speak" with various parts of nature, including animals, trees, water and the wind.  Most notably among the speakers and listeners of vibrations are American Indians and other indigenous peoples of the world who have yet to succumb to the dogma of modern society.   


Are we to accept the premise that Man is lost in the garden with no eyes and ears?  For all the proof you need, look around you.  Over time, the insidious dogma of the ancient inventors of organized religions became secularized, open to worldly interpretations, and the green God of Man, Greed spread across the globe.  Land was to be bought and sold, controlled, sectioned off into territories for the exclusive use of the powerful.  Down through the ages, countless wars were fought over the land and its resources.  Eden, the Kingdom of God was no longer.  It was the so-called sacred texts of the Christians, Jews and Moslems that gave permission to the world to dominate, subdue and conquer the land and its inhabitants.   Those same battles continue to be fought today.


Organized religions hold tightly to the powers of dominion they granted to themselves.  For example, in 1493, Pope Alexander VI of the Church of Rome issued the now famous Inter Cetera Papal Bull that gave permission to the sovereigns of Europe to invade, rape, pillage and murder millions of indigenous people in the New World for the sole purpose of controlling land.  Today, the Catholic Church refuses to repeal the Papal Bull of 1493.  The Right of Discovery and Imminent Domain are products of the almighty Church.


There are a number of Christian, Jewish and Islamic apologists who claim the biblical passages referring to dominion and subduing the world actually meant that Man was intended to be the caretakers of the land.  Okay, that's what they say, but the proof of its meaning and their intentions is found in their actions over the last three millennium.  



There Is A Path Back Into The Garden


To the American Indian, there was a time on earth when all God's children acted like they were the inhabitants of the biblical Eden.  Like new babies entering the world, we were innocent, loving, sensitive, caring, and compassionate toward one another and all God's creatures.  Most children today are not raised by parents who encourage those beautiful traits.  By the time they reach teen years, most kids have those things tainted and made perverse by parents, schools, churches, government, and society in general.  Their images and beliefs about love has changed.  Now love is defined as something we share with a select few close relatives, friends and pets -- all for personal fulfillment and pleasure.  Love for the deer and honey bee of the forest is found only among radical environmentalists.  Love for the water and wind that purifies our bodies and souls is now an abstract idea among the world's consumers.


The omnipresent God has been estranged by governments and organized religions who prefer to fight among themselves while embroiling millions of innocent people -- carrying out the ideological curse of hate given in the Story of Eden while loudly proclaiming their desire for peace and harmony.  They convinced themselves it is The Truth.  All others who do not agree with this backward, upside-down theory are demonized and condemned.   The root of the hate, fear, war, and destruction of the environment in the name of profit is the philosophy described in the Story.


Down through the ages, certain forces have been allowed to run amuck, growing in size and power to create great misery among countless populations of the earth.  For two thousand years, people have allowed all powerful organized religions and their civil governments to control their hearts and minds.  It is time for a change.  It is time for humans to evolve to a higher consciousness of love, compassion and empathy.  It is time for people to turn back the clock of time and erase the errant dogmas of the elite and begin a new world, a new Eden.   


The controlling governments and religions of the earth are powerless against the will of the Creator, the Great Mystery, God who is slowly revealing the true path to freedom.  Humans are moving toward a spiritual "awakening".   People will come to know and understand their true nature and share equally all the gifts of God's Kingdom on earth. 


There is a huge movement in countries all over the world comprised of people who seek spiritual freedom.  They are seeking the Light -- freedom from the old dogmas and doctrines of the powerful churches, governments, industry and institutions that support them.  There are no leaders among the Light workers, no gurus, no prophets.  They are deep thinking, peaceful individuals who search for spiritual awakening.  This movement is growing at an ever increasing pace.  The numbers of people who walk in the Light will become a majority.      


It will be a difficult time ahead for those who have already awakened in spirit to take a stand.  They must take a stand!  Yes, it is against the nature of people who have found personal freedom in peace and spiritual awakening to resist.  It seems incongruous for people of Light to take a stand against anything. But in order to hasten awakening and be prepared for the great changes ahead, they must take a religious, political and economic stand -- all at the same time. 


Those who walk in Light, love and compassion towards all things of nature will find the path through the quickening difficult.  They will be challenged, harassed, condemned and abused.  As the awakening gathers momentum, the time will come when the empires of the earth will break apart, piece by piece at first, then all at once they will crash into dust.  The empires of organized religion, governments, mega-international corporations and their media will die because they are not sustainable.  They will cease to exist because the tenets of their dogma is not designed to benefit the Kingdom of God, humanity and nature.  They will fail because people who walk in the light of awareness, heightened consciousness and true spirituality will not support them. 


People will begin to assess their roll in supporting the chemical and pharmaceutical industry; the oil industry; the war industry; and the governments and institutions that prop them up.  The profiteers of disease and war will find the masses of people worldwide will not support them.  If we ask ourselves the simple question, "Is the enterprise operating for the benefit of themselves or in service to others?,"  the decision not to support them will come with honest conviction.


Conviction of a truth cannot be erased from the human heart, even when faced with extreme punishment or death.  Even when forced to support the worldwide machinery of iniquity  -- organized religion, governments, news media, and barons of industry, the people of Light will resist by means of non-violent disruption, slow-downs, boycotts, petitioning, voting when and where possible.  There will come a day when huge populations of people who walk in the Light will refuse to attend their churches, buy their merchandise, read newspapers or listen to media news.  The people of Light will refuse to be employed by any organization that continues to support the worldwide system of corruption and greed. 


Non-support means sacrifice beyond simply giving up a few luxuries of life, it means being willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.  For those who walk in the Light who are prepared for the the Great Transition ahead, facing extreme punishment or death is only a quickening in advance -- payment in full for the blessings of Light.


The time of allowing is coming to a close.  Humans have allowed themselves to be controlled by the dogma of these institutions and billions of people, animals and all of nature have suffered.  Coming into the Light means taking a stand against those forces and actively seeking ways to avoid, boycott, obstruct, impede and damage the mechanisms operating the institutions.  Non-violent, passive resistance is the key to success. 


It is time to choose between materialistic competition or cooperation for the common good.  It is time to choose between greed and self-interest or sharing resources with all humanity.  It is time to choose.


It is time for people to divorce themselves from nationalistic designs that create boundaries between people.  It is time not to follow those people and institutions whose desire is to 'corner the market' and control every resource of nature.  It is time to say no to those institutions who control spiritual freedom by proselytizing their false dogmas through coercion, shame and guilt. 


By taking a stand with honesty, integrity and self-authority, we allow God within to guide, protect and unite us within the most omnipotent force in the universe, love.


Those who walk in the Light, will take a stand not only for themselves and their families, but for all humanity.  Now is the time to begin to heal.  Now is the time to become child-like once more with all its innocence, love, compassion, and open minds and hearts.


Eden will return to earth.  Our eyes, ears and hearts will be opened. 


Oh Great Mystery, Creator of All Things, Our Eyes Are Open!


At no time in history has Man been more fully aware, knowledgeable, and well informed of his past than today.  Prior to the 18th century the average person knew very little about local, regional or worldwide history. Before the 18th century the subjects of archeology, anthropology, demography, sociology, geology, linguistics and economics were not included in college courses because so little was known about these subjects.  As populations became better educated and books became available to the masses, awareness of the past began to slowly increase.  That was the beginning of the Awakening. Today, the Age of Electronic Media has hastened the flow of information about the past to a point where not one single day passes that dozens of new discoveries are being revealed by professionals of these disciplines. 


Slowly, Man was given eyes in the back of his head to see the past as never before.    


Converging with this phenomena is the fact that Man now has the ability, as never before in history, to see everything on earth.  Satellites, the Internet, television, radio, cell phones and a host of other inventions have made it possible for humans to witness events anywhere on earth -- and beyond in an instant.  


Within the time span of four decades, people now have eyes that can see 360 degrees around them -- the entire sacred circle of life.


At the same time, Man has been given the gift of seeing around the corner of time.  Using computers to calculate the probabilities of  a hypothetical set of circumstances, events or outcomes, it is now possible to extrapolate the most likely scenario to happen in the future.  Governments and industry have invested heavily in systems that use the laws of probability to determine the future with some degree of accuracy. 


Much of the world also relies on prophecies of the ancients to see into the future.  It is interesting to note that prophecies born in different ages and in different places around the world are not necessarily incompatible or disagree with each other.  But in fact, as time moves forward, prophecies from around the world are converging to form a picture as we have never witnessed before.  The prophesies of old now reveal a single point in time.


God has given children of the earth the gift of a single eye set in the center of their foreheads.


Why is Man being given all these eyes?  What great universal event are we expected to witness? 


The Awakening is a process of opening our eyes to the glory and magnificence of the Creator.  The Awakening is a time of preparation when we will learn ways to increase our spirituality, our consciousness, and gain vision.  We do not know what God wants all of humanity to see, all at the same time, but it is certain we will all have a front row seat.


We hope to see you sitting next to us. 


Kish katal, obi khan tosit yaweh.



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