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Alta Vista Farm, Rutland, MA
  US - Northeast
... where the buffalo roam.
Bedre Chocolates
Chickasaw US - Southwest
Bedre Chocolates is a business owned by the Chickasaw Nation headquartered in Ada, OK. Bedre Chocolates manufactures, wholesales and retails gourmet quality chocolate products. 800-367-5390
Bineshii Wild Rice & Goods
Chippewa US - Central
suggested subject: Native American Foods And Creations We are a Native American owned business located on the Leech Lake Ojibwe Reservation in Northern Minnesota.
Buffalo Jerky
  US - Central
I sell Buffalo Jerky that is the best tasting I've found. I know I have native bloodline in my family but the tribe is unknown. My Bison Jerky has no beef and is smokehouse cured. It is a great tasting meat and digests well and has a great history. I hope you'll try it.
CAAE - Traditional Cree Food
Cree Canada - Western
Food was woven more intimately into the fabric of daily life in earlier times than it is today. It directly fueled physical accomplishments. All work was done by their own power.
Chiblow Fish
Ojibwe Canada
Anishinabek fish company - Produces a deliciously tangy fish batter, enhances the taste of all fish. You've got to try it! Fresh and smoked fish sold locally.
Cocinas De New Mexico
  US - Southwest
Cocinas De New Mexico is published by the Public Service Company of New Mexico. Proceeds from sales help provide utility supplements to needy residents of New Mexico. Below are recipes from the 79 page cookbook. To order this cookbook, one of our favorites, see the instructions at end of each section.
Communal Hunting
  US - Northeast
Trapping in the conventional sense is often associated with the actual tool used in the capture of game. In this paper it is meant as the method in which land is modified or utilized for the purpose of trapping game in a contained area where butchering can take place. One advantage of this type of hunting strategy over individual attempts is that it is more energy-efficient, demanding less energy expenditure per individual in the hunting process.
Cooking Post for Native American foods
Pueblo US - Southwest
A tribally owned venture providing economic prospects and employment possibilities for our own tribal members and for other Indian people nation wide. Join us for an American Indian culinary adventure unlike any other. You'll find something for everyone here -- from traditional herbal teas to flavorfully roasted coffee beans, from robust blue corn muffins to feast day stews -- The Cooking Post is sure to have a tasteful offering for both your stomach and your spirit.
Cooking With the Wolfman!
Aboriginal Fusion: Traditional Foods with a Modern Twist. Join Chef David Wolfman and Loma as they prepare Aboriginal Fusion on APTN
Gifting and Feasting in the Northwest Coast Potlatch
  US - Northwest
Food and Feasting. What is a Potlatch? Gifting in Potlatch. Contemporary Potlatches.
American Indian Tea Company
Lakota US - West
The American Indian Tea Company is Indian owned and upholds a history filled with herbal knowledge. Owner, Joseph Hesbrook (Has No Horses) is first generation off the reservation, but currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A Plains Indian who has a Ph.D., Dr. Hesbrook combines the old traditions with education to bring about a higher knowledge and understanding.
Kwakuitl Recipes
Kwakiutl US - Northwest
Genuine Kwakuitl Indian recipes from NW Coast circa 1914 -- You will probably want to try this recipe for boiled halibut heads & backbone. With etiquette tips included for chewing the bones and spitting them on the floor! Full instructions of how to cook a whale! In case you wanted to know; how to cook salmon guts! Another recipe: How to catch & cook sea slugs! (Including the correct thing to say as you bonk them on the head.) And the ever popular: How to cook fresh salmon!
Maple Sugaring
  US - Northeast
When temperatures begin to rise in the spring, the sap begins to flow from the roots of maple trees up the trunks to the branches and limbs. During the short period of spring when the daytime temperatures are above freezing, and the night temperatures are below freezing, the sap flows up and down the tree trunks daily.
Mountain Lion's Native American Cookbook
Fruits And Berries, Vegetables, Mushrooms And Consumable Fungi', Teas And Beverages, Breads, Soups And Stews, Grains And Nuts, Desserts And Confections and Meats Fish And Game Foul.
Native American Recipes
Through MetroActive Central - Butternut Squash Soup with Roasted Pumpkin Seeds / Ribbons of Summer Squash with Sage Pesto / Sage Pesto
Native American Recipes - SOAR Recipe Source
Anissabo / Baked Acorn Squash / Baked indian pudding / Cherokee Pepper Pot Soup (Ai) / Fresh Tomato Sauce / Fried Green Tomatoes / Inagami-pakwejigan (soft Bread) / Missiiagan-pakwejigan (sunflower Bannock) / Nopales / Ogwissimanabo / Ogwissimanabo(yellow Squash Soup) / Ojawashkwawegad / Ojawashkwawegad(wild Green Salad) / Peanut Butter Amaranth Logs / Posole / Pueblo bbq pork roast / Zuni Indian Bread / Zuni Indian Bread
Native Recipes - Wiisiniwan -- Food Recipes
Webmistress Paula Giese -- Frybread--Tasty Symbol of all-Indian unity --Native cookbooks --Nutrition info, cookbooks for kids --Wild rice recipes --Maple sugar/syrup recipes --Corn, hominy, cornmeal -- Beans and Greens --Squash, pumpkin --Deermeat, Meat --Fish, birds --Fruit and Berries --Herbal Teas, Culinary Herbs --Xocoatl (Chocolate), Aztecs (and south).
Native Way Cookbook
Traditional, Contemporary & Modern Recipes Indexed by Nation/Tribe, Type of Dish How-to Instructions Plant, Herb & Fungi Encyclopedia Food & Ingredient Sources Dining Opportunities Homework Help
NativeTech: Indigenous Food and Traditional Recipes
Enjoy browsing a vast selection of Native American recipes contributed by visitors to NativeTech over the last decade. Petitioning the more experienced and knowledgable cooks out there to Add their own Native American or First Nation recipes to be shared here on these pages.
Nizhoni Keyah - 'Beautiful Land'
Navajo US - Southeast
Looking to purchase or sell American Indian Made Foods & Products? Your Journey has brought you to us. We represent Strictly Native American Companies and Tribes for Mainstream Product Placement both Domestically, in the Continental USA, and Abroad, in the International Market. Working directly with American Indian Tribal Governments and Companies, we are aiming to become your Central Source in America for Consolidation and Export of American Indian Goods.
Paradise Patties by Supreme Meat Products - Authentic Jamaican Patties
Supplier of Authentic Jamaican Patties and distributor of frozen foods for catering in London, Tottenham.
Pemmican: Recipes, Stories and Stores
Saskatoon Pemmican / Modern Native American recipe / Pemmican using Caribou meat using Bison for lots of stuff / Pemmican Pate Recipe: eat immediately. (At a commercial Web site that sells meat) / Native Cooking includes other recipes -- and more!
Pueblo Food Specialties
Pueblo US - Southwest
The Pueblo /Navajo Hot Sauce, Salsa & Roasted Red Chili Sauces have the Gourmet Market humming and will have you dreaming you were dancing to a Southwest Drumbeat.
Puff'n Billy Quality Foods
Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
Puff'n Billy Quality Foods Ltd has pioneered a special way to prepare hangi-flavoured food under controlled, hygienic conditions. Enjoy the flavour at the Puff'n Billy Restaurant, the easiest way to experience ethnic Maori cooking.
Red Lake Nation Foods Inc.
Chippewa US - Central
Red Lake Nation Foods is wholly owned and operated by the Red Lake Band of Chippewa in Northern Minnesota. We sell wild rice, jams, jellies and syrups produced by the tribe.
Seeds of Change Garden
History: Where Food Crops Originated. A lot of the food we take for granted wasn't even known to the Europeans until after the Columbian Exchange. When contact was made with the new world, a whole Cornucopia of new foods was introduced to the explorers, who would bring back these foods, and distribute them all over the world.
Spear Fishing
  US - Northeast
Fish were a major source of meat for Native Americans all year round. One way that the Native Americans caught fish was with spears. Spear fishing was considered a mans job while fishing with a hook and string was usually a woman's job. Spear fishing was usually done in the winter or spring time.
Thanksgiving / Native Perspective
  US - Northeast
Let's Eat! // Killer Cranberry Sauce / Black Turkey Recipe - The only way to cook a turkey! This turkey is work... it requires more attention than an average six-month-old baby. There are no shortcuts, as you will see. / Some Recipes from the Woodland Culture area.
The food world
  America - South
World wide Exhibition and Exporter Directory of Foods, Beverages and Agriculture Products.
Thunder Island Coffee Roasters
Shinnecock US - Northeast
Fresh roasted organic coffee from the Shinnecock Reservation in New York. We offer all high mountain shade grown coffees from the native owned farms of Central and South America. Thunder Island Coffee Roasters takes pride in our excellence in Customer service.
Traditional Food, Health and Nutrition
Anishinaabe US - Northeast
What we eat -- where it comes from, how it is raised, processed, cooked -- affects our health in many ways. Traditional native diets in those few places in the world where people still mostly eat what they raise, hunt, gather, fish -- have been found to promote health and long life, for reasons only gradually coming to be understood.
Traditional Herbal &Plant Knowledge, Identifications
  US - Northeast
Herbs for teas, flavorings, foods -- Herbs used mostly by Anishinaabeg people; Indian names may be individual to the person describing and furnishing plant specimens. Different names were given to different parts of the plant, and to its different uses in food or medicine sometimes. Botannical names are current international standard.
What's for Lunch? Food in American Life
  US - Northeast
A series of articles fromt he CRM Archive Issue 24-04.
Where People Feast, An Indigenous People's Cookbook
Gitxsan Canada
This cookbook, Where People Feast-An Indigenous Peoples Cookbook, sheds light on the unique culinary traditions and cooking techniques of Native American people who live along the Pacific Northwest Coast of British Columbia, Canada. This collection shows how to prepare and preserve wild game, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and unusual ingredients such as oolichan, herring roe, and sopalali berries, (all of which can be purchased online from distributors if not from your local, specialty or gourmet markets).
Wild Food Adventures
  US - Northwest
Edible Plants - Workshops, Wild Food Adventures provides outdoor education, training, and recreational hikes in pursuit of edible wild plants. Services include wild food-related workshops, technical advising, contracted training, ethnobotanical research, and curriculum development. We also publish the Wild Food Adventurer newsletter (also discussed at the website). It includes feature articles, calendar of events & workshops, news, views, and information for the serious wild food enthusiast. Both Wild Food Adventures and the Wild Food Adventurer newsletter cover all of North America - emphasizing the Pacific Northwest.
Foraging and Ethnobotany Links Page - Including Foraging Theory, Plant Databases, Sites by/about Individuals, Educational Institutions, Media Reports and Forums.
Yanabah Tea
Navajo US - Southwest
We grow, process, package, and sell Traditional Navajo Tea.


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