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By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess





Beautiful Ones,


I am back into the temple, answering so many email, for the excitement of what happened in the ceremonies of the 13 hours of drumming ceremony held at the Riverfront Park in Little Rock, Arkansas and duplicated many times over across the world.  It was created to embrace unity and peace.


We have pictures from all over the world of elders and people… and orbs everywhere.


I am thankful for all the elders that made the journey to the ceremony [including Grandfather Lee Standing Bear and Grandmother Mary Thunder].  Some made long journeys.  It was freezing cold. I am thankful for all the ceremonies held everywhere! Mama calls us, and we are listening…


Yes, today is a better world because so many people embraced unity in their hearts.


The sacred land where we live is under attack and the sacred feminine is loud and clear in despair.  The reality of the situation is hard.  Many prayers were made and that led us to create a powerful ceremony that included 13 hours of drumming, uniting the tribes, religions traditions.  The ceremonies were beyond the problem of the sacred land.  The ceremonies gave us a better picture of things that need to be  done and the possibilities.


A flyer was created and translated into many languages.  People from all over the world were ready to embrace unity.  Then one by one, ceremonies all over the world were joining to perpetuate the song of the Mother.  We learned today that even more ceremonies joined us in prayer than we anticipated.  Many other places all over the world joined us because the Great Mother wants all her children together.  With every beat of the drum, Mama said, "I love you."   In unity, for there is only one root.  We all created the 13 hours of ceremony, then we made it official!


During preparations my brothers and sisters united to bring food, heaters, permits, chairs.  I am so thankful my brothers and sisters traveled long distances to be there with excitement and joy.


Riverfront Park in Little Rock is by the Arkansas River. The waters took the heart beat in her path, became one with the message, took the message and delivered it everywhere in her song.  The drum and the drummers became one, and as the beat became one, it was a sound that many heard, a song, an answer, a response, a communication, in many levels.  At the sacred place by the river, was a big iron bridge.  As it happened in México in 1968, in the awakening of Popocatepetl and Ixtlacihuatl, male-female volcanoes that needed to be awaken in that time space, I will take this message into sweat lodge ceremony.


All the elders present delivered powerful messages to the people and those messages were given to the river that took it, in freezing temperatures, downriver to the world.  The messages of the Elders made the people bloom!


After the ceremonies were completed at 8 p.m., I began to receive telephone calls from beautiful sisters and brothers from all over.  Excitement was in their voices.  We made it!!!  Celebrating the new world!  Joy and happiness was everywhere! ….Thank you Mama!!!!


I received an email telling me that was a meteorite shower, at 7.06 am. Yes, we have many more messages. Soon my web site will have stories and pictures, and all the beautiful things! 


Powerful times and much spiritual work for the people is at hand as we enter the time of the winter solstice.


I am sooo thankful for all of you, for your heart, for being you, for changing the world all together!


In lakesh





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