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January 2010




Medicine for the People

By Harvey Walks With Hawks Doyle




Water and Mother Earth


It is hard for me to know where to start.  I guess I have always known that our water system is not the best. I really got involved into testing the water when I started making Colloidal Silver. I will touch base on this later on particular subject.

I would like to address a subject about how Mother Earth operates and how the ocean currents involves us as human beings.  You must see the future of Mother Earth by reliving the past of her.  The human body and her are so closely related that we need to stop and think about how much water plays a part of our lives.  I was laying in bed one night and awoke and suddenly started thinking just how closely we are correlated within the spiritual bowels of Mother Earth.

We all know that we have the Polar Caps (Frozen Water) on top of Mother Earth. Then we have the continent of Antarctica on the bottom of the earth.  Grandfather Sun shines on the polar caps thus making water, and the magnetic fields  thus producing the Northern Lights. If you can think of this as Mother Earth being shaped like a pear then you will understand this much better.  When the rays of light strike the polar caps and magnetic field they produce rays of light that radiate from them. They bounce off them and are formed around Mother Earth thus forming her Aura. It is shaped as to contour around her sides and then comes close together at the bottom of Antarctica. She also has an Aura the covers her and it is shaped like a pear but is continuous. What I was trying to make clear was that if we look closely that we are closely related to Mother Earth in comparison. 


When The Great Spirit or the Creator created Mother Earth he looked upon her and thought it was good. When he created man from Mother Earth he also gave us an Aura that can be defined as to look just like hers. When The Great Spirit or Creator created us he also made our Aura so that we could be identified by it.  Our Aura changes according to our disposition, attitude, sickness, health, tides, and anything that merely affects us physically or mentally.  We are very similar to Mother Earth. We also get our energy field from Mother Earth.  He also breathed our spirit into us and then gave us the inalienable right to be a free spirit.

Now you are probably wondering what has this got to do with water. Well everyone knows that Mother Earth is between 70%-75% water. We as hu-mans are comprised of 80% water. Similarity of everything from Mother Earth is coauthoring our very existence. The Great Spirit in his wisdom saw that Mother Earth was good and therefore developed our bodies similar to hers. 

Mother Earth has her oceans and they have currents.  They begin in the southern hemisphere and work they way around the continents and end up at the northern hemisphere or top of the world. As these warm currents collide with the polar caps they freeze and the brine is extracted from the ice as it freezes.  This brine acts as a conveyor and falls down to the bottom and then starts it journey back toward the warmer waters and then completing the process. Without this miracle that the Creator created we would surely die from the lack of water on Mother Earth. One thing that is assured is that we are slowly destroying the polar caps by Mother Earth warming. This is known as the Greenhouse Effect. I will discuss this at a later date.

Mother Earth is crying out to us.  Her Aura is changing from a Bright Orange to a dull color just as we hu-mans are changing.  Major landscapes are changing. Erosion is exposing the permafrost and melting and it is having a serious impact on the trees and their rooting systems. With the permafrost melting slowly the roots are not able to adhere to the hard soil therefore making the trees susceptible to the winds.

I usually get carried away and now back to the H20.  When I explained the currents of the earth we also have a minute area of water that our skin rests on and it also circulates around our bodies. As our blood circulates around our bodies.

The first thing is that people don't drink enough water. Everyone knows this. The second thing is that all water that we drink is incredibly toxic.  All tap water has chemicals put in it, primarily chlorine and fluoride.  The level of toxicity of both chlorine and fluoride is incredible.  Drinking of chlorinated water, which is virtually all tap water, causes scarring of the arteries.  When the arteries are scarred, the LDL cholesterol attaches itself to the artery causing arteriosclerosis. It is the same as Mother Earth and her streams.  When they get polluted with debris, logs, brush etc, then they get clogged and also pick up other trash that we throw into her body.

Most people are dehydrated, which causes all types of medical problems including, pain, stiffness, arthritis, asthma, allergies and other medical issues.  Dehydration means that the cells do not have enough water.  This can effect, sleep, energy, but the major thing it can effect is your body's ability to get toxins and waste matter out of the body and out of the cells.  That is why detoxifying and drinking good water is essential to good health.

If you take a cell and basically put it into fluid, the cell excretes waste matter and toxins. As long as you clean that environment and get rid of the waste and toxins, the cell never seems to age. That is why detoxifying and cleansing the body with clean water is so important.  It is also as important not to put toxins into the body by drinking toxic tap water. Think Distilled Water or Purified water that has been tested.

This information is for educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as medical advice. Always consult your health care provider or physician before trying alternative ways of healing.






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