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Hawk Speaks on The Devil’s Tower 

- Grey Horn Butte "He Hota Paha" - Lakota


Grey Horn Butte, "He Hota Paha" - Lakota

On the plains of Wyoming rises what they call, ‘The Devil’s Tower; It is visible for over one hundred miles in all directions. It sticks up from the prairie as if someone had placed it there or it had grown from the ground itself. While the term, ‘The Devil’s Tower’ is the name given to this phenomenon by white men. The Native American People have no devil within their beliefs and we have got along for many centuries without him, the white people invented the devil and for our part, you can keep him! Most tribes who lived in the area where this rock mass stands call it, ‘Bear Rock! If you have a chance to go to Wyoming and see this rock you will see why the Indians call it Bear Rock. There are many streaks and gashes running straight up and down that appear to look like a large Bear clawed it.


There is a legend regarding this rock mass and I will try to remember it as best I can. There were two young Indian boys playing near the edge of their village. They did not notice as they played that they were getting farther and farther away from the village.


Soon it was dark and the boys realized that they were lost. They found a safe place to rest for the night and would try to find their way the next morning. As the boys awoke from their sleep they saw a large bear in the distance and this bear was very hungry and had caught the scent of the boys. As the large bear ran after the boys the ground began to shake from the thundering of the bears paws hitting the ground. Suddenly the ground around the boys started to rise up with the boys on top of it. The large rock rose up and up.


The Great ‘Mato’ Bear was attempting to claw his way up to where the boys were. He clawed and gashed the side of the great rock but could not get to the top. Now the great bear left and disappeared. The boys wondered how they would get down from the rock and the legend does not tell us how they got down but we believe it was ‘Wanblee’ a great Eagle had let the boys hold his great strong legs and were brought to the ground.


Not too long ago several mountain climbers managed to reach the top of this large rock and had to be rescued by helicopter, it was not hard to get to the top but there was no way down. If you get a chance to visit ‘The Devils Tower’ in Wyoming think of this legend and the story will come alive for you.


Be Blessed, Sevenhawks


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