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NV -  NATIVE ATHLETES IN ACTION! - Native Trailblazer Series by Vincent Schilling  

From skiing and skating to bowling and baseball, almost every sport has its outstanding Native performers. Some of the many Native athletes who have excelled in the field of sports include:
* Naomi Lang, US Olympian, ice dance champion
* Ross Anderson, US record holder, downhill speed skier
* Jordin Tootoo, National Hockey League player, Nashville Predators
* Stephanie Murata, US National Wrestling champion
* Beau Kemp, Minnesota Twins, Rochester Red Wings
* Alwyn Morris, Olympic gold and bronze medal in kayaking
* Cory Witherill, the only Native American in professional Indy car racing

These stories for young readers highlight the lives and achievements of courageous and talented athletes, as well as the dedication and discipline that helped them reach their goals. In almost every story the supportive influence of Native culture and family is a key theme. Some stories are particularly inspiring, like that of Cheri Becerra-Madsen, a paraplegic Olympic bronze medalist. Each of the 13 short biographies featured here focuses on the struggles of these Native

American athletes and the inner strength that helped them to persevere and succeed. Family and action photographs lend excitement to each story.  Ages 9 to 16 years; Page Count: 128; Width: 9"; Height: 6"; Format: Soft cover; Publication Year: 2007; Price: $9.95 + s/h



NV - NATIVE MEN OF COURAGE - Native Trailblazer Series by Vincent Schilling  
Here are ten outstanding leaders who overcame personal challenges and achieved extraordinary accomplishments. Among the men featured are:
* Patrick Brazeau (Algonquin) the national Chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples
* Chief Red Hawk (Cherokee) principal Chief & President of the United Cherokee Nation
* Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell (Cheyenne) former U.S. Senator and 3-time U.S. Judo Champion
* Chief Tom Porter (Mohawk) organizer of the Mohawk Group White Roots of Peace
* Gold Eagles Hotshots - a heroic group of Native American Forest Fighters
* Larry Merculieff (Aleut) Community Leader
* Chief Frank Abrahm (Ojibwe) Little Black River First Nation
* Stanley Vollant (Innu ) Asst. Professor of Surgery, Ottawa
* Raymond Cross (Mandan/Hidatsa) Tribal Attorney
* Lieutenant Mark Bowman (Choctaw) Police Officer
According to author Vincent Schilling, "All of these men are courageous. Some fought, some resisted and some spoke out, but regardless of the physical actions of what they did, they all listened with their hearts and acted in accordance to what they knew was best. These men are all warriors."  
Page Count: 132; Width: 6"; Height: 9'; Format: Soft cover; Publication Year: 2008;
Price: $9.95 + s/h


NV - NATIVE MUSICIANS- In the Groove by Vincent Schilling  
From the melodic notes of a classical guitar or the wailing of an electric guitar to country tunes and punk rock, these musicians deliver. They offer a wide selection musical styles as diverse as the music industry itself. Read about the lives of these outstanding performers who represent the fresh new sounds from Native America today. The music of these talanted artists transcends borders and cultures to speak directly to the hearts and minds of listeners. But it was not always easy for them to reach their goals. Ten musicians are highlighted, Gabriel Ayala, Shane Yellowbird, Crystal Shawanda, Mato Nanji, Michael Bucher, Blackfire, Leela Gilday, Jamie Coon, Mary Youngblood and Four Rivers Drum. For young readers ages 9 to 16 years. Vincent Schilling has ancestry with the St. Regis Mohawks. He is also the author of Native Athletes in Action and Native Men of Courage.  Page Count: 128; Width: 6"; Height: 9"; Format: soft cover; Publication Year: 2009; Publisher: Native Voices; Price: $9.95


NV - NATIVE WOMEN OF COURAGE - Native Trailblazer Series by Kelly Fournel  
This book profiles ten outstanding women leaders in the Native community who followed their paths, challenged traditional stereotypes, and fought discrimination against indigenous people. The ten women featured are:
* Winona LaDuke (Anishinaabeg), author, environmentalist, and vice-presidential candidate
* Susan Aglukark (Inuit) singer/songwriter and winner of 3 Juno music awards
* Wilma Pearl Mankiller (Cherokee) first woman Chief of the Cherokee Nation
* Sarah (Thocmetony) Winnemucca (Paiute) the first Native American woman to write &publish a book

* Maria Tallchief, co-founder of the Chicago City Ballet and prima ballerina with the New York City Ballet
* Mary Kim Titla, the first Native American television news reporter in Arizona
* Sandra Lovelace Nicholas (Maliseet) petitioned the UN on behalf of First Nations women's rights & won * Suzanne Rochon-Burnett (Metis) first woman to be granted a Canadian FM broadcasting license
* Pauline Johnson-Tekahionwake (Mohawk) author and early advocate for Native women's rights
* Lorna B. Williams (Lil'wat First Nation) developed Native curriculum for First Nations schools in Canada
These biographies from both historic and contemporary times portray idealistic, motivated women who achieved success and had an extraordinary impact on our social fabric.  
Page Count : 96; Width: 6"; Height: 9"; Format: Soft cover; Publication Year: 2007; Publisher: 7th Generation.
Price: $9.95 + s/h


WH-5538-7  WISE WOMEN: From Pocahontas to Sarah Winnemucca, Remarkable Stories of Native American Trailblazers Erin H. Turner, Editor

The story of Pocahontas saving John Smith is justly famous, as is the cross-country journey of Sacajawea with the Corps of Discovery, and Sarah Winnemucca earned fame by being a champion of her people as the old ways of life were disappearing. But there are lesser known stories of the Native American women who shaped their cultures and changed the course of American history—stories that have all too often been overlooked. Under the extreme circumstances that faced indigenous peoples over the centuries, brave and intelligent Native American women often put their safety and the lives of their families at risk by taking on the roles of peacemakers, diplomats, and spokeswomen for their people. Wise Women brings together their amazing stories. Encompassing states from Florida to Alaska and many different tribes, it preserves the legacies of wise women who were caught between two cultures, and yet worked tenaciously to preserve the traditions of their tribes and to teach others. You’ll meet: - Sacajawea, Jane Timothy Silcot, and Kateri Tekakwitha, whose actions changed the destiny of their tribes  - Dat so la lee, Frances Slocum, and Nampeyo, who achieved greatness through arts such as pottery and basketmaking - Maggie Axe Wachacha, Lozen, and Gladys Tantaquidgeon, who excelled at healing and magical traditions. 232 pp, biblio  $16.95 + s/h 



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