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Flag Brackets and Accessories



Flag Brackets
2-way Bracket, 1 in. bore (white)

#652400  $22.00

2-way Bracket, 1 in. bore (silver)

#625501   $22.00

Stamped Steel Bracket, 1 in. bore

#642602     $8.00


Cast Brass-Finish Flag Bracket 1 in. bore

#642608     $50.00

Premium Adjustable Bracket for 1 in. pole

#625601-00     $22.00

S-100 Steel Bracket, 1 in. bore

#642602A     $7.00

*Shipping costs vary.  A small flat fee is assessed at the time of purchase.  The actual shipping cost will be computed after the sale is weighed and buyer will be notified by email of the actual shipping cost. In the event the actual cost is lower than the flat fee, a refund for the difference will be made within 48 hours, and if higher it will be billed to the buyer before shipment. 

Flag Accessories

Flag Attachment Rings (pair),

1" diameter

Flag fastening rings - high-impact vinyl-plastic rings with thumbscrew. Slides onto a 1" diameter pole, and the thumbscrew screws through the flag grommet.

#RINGS     $4.00

Adjustable Aluminum Holder (Silver)

Adjustable Aluminum Bracket - Aluminum holder adjusts to hold flag or banner at any one of five positions. Our most versatile bracket. For 1" diameter poles.

#652500     $24.00

Patriot Flag Holder

A most attractive and functional way to display indoor flag sets in large halls, churches, and auditoriums. Holds pole at 60 angle from wall. 1 1/4" I.D. with removable rubber insert to accommodate smaller diameter poles. Strong cast aluminum with rich gilt finish.

#642620     $98.00

Stainless Mounting Strap

Strong rust-proof straps fit a round pole up to 8" inches. Easily adjustable. Strap can be trimmed to length. Use with our slotted bracket or other mounting equipment - or fasten flags directly to lamp posts or fence posts. (Use in pairs.)

#645006     $10.00

Non-Furling Devise, 37 in.

(for 1 in. pole)

Flag Unfurler - Non-Wrapping Device, 37" - Clear plastic tube slides over your pole & rotates to prevent flags and banners from tangling. Includes tie wraps, parts & instructions. A great simple solution to prevent your flag from wrapping around the pole.

#80089     $19.00

#GW-18M  Mahogany


Ceremonial Flag Case

Wood Finish

Beautiful hardwood display case, designed to hold 5x8 ft. or 5x9.5 ft. interment-size U.S. flag. Glass front, mantel style, USA made. (flag not included)

#GW-18C   Cherry    $125.00


#GW-18O   Oak    $125.00

Parade Flag Carrying Belt,

Double White Web 

Our parade flag carrying belts are fully adjustable cotton webbing. This double style is the best for supporting heavy flag sets for longer periods, suitable for color guard, marching band, drum corps and other ceremonial uses and events.

#web-belt-double     $75.00




Freedom Light - flagpole light

Freedom Solar-Powered Flagpole Light - Great for displaying your flag 24/7. The light was created for home use. It is easy to connect to a wall mount flagpole by your front door, or on your porch or deck. It can also be used on any in-ground flagpole up to 3" in diameter. The Freedom Light uses a special flexible goose-neck design to easily light any flag. 40 lux output, provides up to 12 hours of illumination. No hassles with wiring and replacing bulbs - FREEDOM Light!

#TLL-2     $140.00

Solar-Light flagpole light

Solar-Light flagpole light - "down-light" for in-ground vertical flagpoles. No wiring needed, quick & easy to install, no special tools required - simply remove your threaded-spindle ball from the top of your pole, pass it through the hole in the Solar-Light, and your done! . Solar panel on top collects light energy all day & shines down on your flag at night.  Long-lasting bright LED bulb. Great for vertical flagpoles up to 25 ft tall - fits poles with a threaded-spindle ball ornament (note: ball ornament shown not included with light kit)

#1765     $75.00




Flag Poles and Stands

Flag Top Ornaments and Floor Stands

Flag Accessories






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