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By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess





Hello Beautiful Ones,

Winding river, endless mountain

The dark forest breathing mist

There is no road into the sacred place

It is just that, the deeper you go

The more wondrous it becomes


 This beautiful Buddhist poem is  a thousand years old and from the past, just flying into me.  It is so true that there is no road into the sacred place, it has never been, for sacredness resides in all life forms, the sacred place that human being is.


 In the transition times, when human being are finding a new perceptions of self,  there is no path to encounter.  The path that others create are good for them.  We have learned that we are the path.  Your own road can only belongs to you.  It cannot be stolen or broken.  It is a road that only you can walk.  It belongs to you, the original creator.


In the Alignment with the Mother, the self must be discovered.  The medicine of being human is encountered.   Love unites.  It is through love that human beings can embrace their divinity.   In every step of the sacred dance, the path is unfolding before your eyes.  We understand there is no road into the sacred place and each human being is unique.  In each person resides the perfect vibration, the perfect essence of all vibration that connects with the orchestra of life, the orchestra of the cosmos.


On your road, you might find uncertainty for there are no rules, only perfect harmony.   By declaring that ”there is no road into the sacred place” you create a path, a path that human being will walk and make that sacred dance of believing in the self.


As we walk with love through the forest of our inner-selves, the path is created.  We should walk into the sacred place without leaving a trail.  We should walk with no noise, in the perfect silence in the space where we listen.    In the perfect bonding with the mist,  we breath and become one with the mist.   Walking carefully without breaking a leaf in the perfect harmony with the forest.


As you walk and make your sacred dance, you might encounter dangerous realms.  You may think that the current of the winding river of your life is against you,  until you realize that you are the water.    You may think there are endless mountains to conquer, until you realize that you are the mountains.  You may think that the day you will be there is long away, until you realize that you are stepping on the sacred ground.


You may find the thief who wants to make your path their own and tried to control and enslave you, only to hate you are creating the path.   The thief has no idea how to believe in himself, but the mist will come and the thief will become lost.   


No one can help you reclaim what is yours.   It is yours to keep.  Truth cannot be fought for because truth is always there.  Liberty cannot be fought for because liberty has always been there.   Justice is inside you the divine order enters.  In that realm there is no knights to rescue you coming from the past.  There are no rules that can rule you because the   path belongs to you.  The deeper you go the more wondrous it becomes.


We are a Spirit that holds a body.   As a Spirit, we are in all realms at the same time -- Not one foot here and one foot there, but all at the same time.  We are free from bonds of time.  There is no way to question your path -- it has always been yours and truth is always there.



(Somewhere in the backwoods near Harrison, Arkansas)  On the sacred land where the waters comes out from the womb, the fight is over  as the lawyer [who was supposed to be protecting this land] sold himself .  He is a slave of fear so he became one with  the thieves.  Now a new encounter is happening and new realms being uncovered.  The right thing needs to be done.  The right will stand for the ways of the Mother are many.


I am a woman, I am sacred and so are you….

In lakesh




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