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Using Meditation to Control Emotions - Part V




Last month I discussed planting conscious information and intent into the subconscious mind so it could work on the information while I sleep. This month, the topic is tools you can use to achieve this.


Self-talk is the way most people begin to direct themselves.

A second tool  is  your own guided imagery, or visualization.


Remember, we talked previously about going to your Peaceful Place, which I call my “garden.” This will relax you so that you will be in the Alpha brain state. Last month in Part 4, I wrote about using a review process to clear the present day before going to sleep.


This month, we will prepare for the new day coming. In your mind’s eye, see the tomorrow actually taking place. See the outcome as a total success. Use all your senses - see, hear, feel, smell, and taste and self-talk – when visualizing successful outcome. You clearly state that it is easy to achieve this success and tell your subconscious mind to work on this while you sleep


Next, you express gratitude. Be grateful for every challenge that comes into your mind and for all the challenges that have ever come to you. Be grateful for just being you and for all the learning experiences that have resulted in your growth. It matters not if some seemed to be negative and some positive because each was a learning experience for your soul. You have moved upwards because of these challenges, so be grateful for any and all of them.


Just before you move into a deeper state, (called Theta or the dream state) use self talk to direct your senses to the  problem you want solved. What is important is to go deeper into sleep now. There are many ways to do this. I, usually, visualize the colors of the spectrum. You may find a different way.  Focus on each color, starting from the outside of the spectrum or rainbow, which is red, the longest and slowest wave length.      Then you progress through orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, and finally, violet.


      The science behind this is the vibration of each color. Starting with Red, which has the longest and slowest vibration , the wavelength gets shorter and faster as you go up the colors in order. This will take you into a deeper relaxation – the Theta Dream state - and you can easily drift into a deep, sound, restful sleep (no conscious thinking or no monkey chatter), where natural healing takes place. I might add that some sleep specialists say it is best to try to go into this healing place as close to 9:30 pm as possible if you want healing.



Gray Hawk




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Robert Gray Hawk King Coke, 79, Cherokee, is a member of the Manataka Elder Council. Coke graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute in 1952 with a biology degree. He served in the U.S. Army with a tour in Europe.


After returning home, Robert Coke, entered pre-seminary school Austin College with a major in Philosophy.  He continued his education by earning a degree in Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Bachelor of Business Administration at Southern Methodist University where he later served on the faculty as an instructor. In 1996, Elder Coke was elected Chairman, of the American Indian Heritage Association and served as an ambassador for the American Indian Center of Dallas. Gray Hawk is now a semi-retired consultant.





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