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2010 Predictions and Beyond...

By Lee Standing Bear Moore and Takatoka



Thinking about the future can bring out the best in us, but sometimes it brings out negative feelings of foreboding, worry, and fear. 


In 2009, we asked a number of elders and others for their visions and predictions for the coming year.  The similarities of their predictions reflect the thoughts of most people.


√  100% Correct
Manataka's Grandfather Robert Gray Hawk Coke said there will be great changes in world thinking and more people will turn to thoughts of serving others instead of the typical self-serving behavior of a capitalistic society.  He feels earth vibrations will be more devastating and create frequent earthquakes (foretold three weeks before the tragedy in Haiti).  Grandfather Coke said the global warming theory will be debunked and a previously unknown radiation belt will begin to affect the earth.


√ 100% Correct

Manataka's Grandfather Daniel Seven Hawk Eyes Hoffman the Almighty Creator will step in and increase worldwide awareness and concern for the environment.  Hawk said it will be proven that pharmaceutical companies are inventing new contagious diseases and causing flu pandemics but nothing will be done by the government to stop them.  The world economy will suffer its worst disaster in history.


√ 100% Correct

Manataka's Grandfather Lee Standing Bear predicted that terrorist attacks will increase in 2010, especially in Europe and the Philippines.  President Barack Obama will repeal the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.  He said the Colts will lose the Super Bowl and The largest point swing in stock market history will happen.  He said Osama Bin Laden would be assassinated by U.S. troops. He predicted that same sex marriages will become lawful and conflict between south and North Korea will heat up.  He said the Caribbean will be hit by a huge earthquake and the current president of Chile will be defeated in elections.


Yet Unfulfilled

Manataka's David Quiet Wind Furr predicted that energy technologies will be introduced that will eventually replace coal and oil.  Furr forewarned about a new U.S. currency and mass-hysteria will grip the world due to new contagious diseases.


Yet Unfulfilled

Grandfather Joseph Rael envisions that "H2O (water formula) from the oceans, along with some other biochemical parts, will be the future technology for space travel. Space vehicles will be transparent.  A space vehicle guidance system will be created so that a beacon on the moon will guide ships coming from Plant Earth to the moon. The earthly ships will not need humans to pilot them.  Large round clear-bubble-type structures will be used for underwater habitation, and will come to the surface at will."  Rael can see a time in the future when "...[the] cosmic mind no longer needs to believe that the concept of existence is important in order to exist, the human race will appear and disappear at will and will no longer need material technologies to travel to outer space. Reflectivity (thinking) is key to life as we know it for evolving into new cosmic beingness and vibration."


√ 50% Correct
Psychic Medium Craig Parker predicts that Bin Laden will die and quantum physicists will discover extraordinary way to generate electricity from water.  Parker says that Barack Obama will express an interest in holistic healing and 'world healing' will become a dominant theme and key phrase in his 2010 speeches. 


X 100% Incorrect

Recently, Russian academic, former KGB analyst, and dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry's academy for future diplomats, Igor Panarin predicted the U.S. will fall apart in 2010 -- that an economic and moral collapse will trigger a civil war and the eventual breakup of the U.S.




Predictions of the Future

For thousands of years, indigenous cultures has had its share of prophets, soothsayers and respected spiritual elders who could, with some reliability, envision the future.  Often the subject of the prediction was where wild game or plant foods could be found.  Signs and omens of future events appeared in clouds, rock formations, water and in dreams.  Dreamers were highly respected by the tribes as valuable assets for survival.   Some tribes held communal dream-telling events where everyone was invited to share details of their dreams.  Knowing the movements of an enemy tribe, the probable outcome of migrations, camp sites, the weather and dozens of other concerns were important to the tribes.


Today, predicting the future is a tricky business and is anything but an exact science for most of us, except maybe bookies and politicians.  Christians have frantically told of the imminent end of the earth for over a thousand years. Psychics regularly forewarn of future calamities.  Astrology buffs can tell you the most intimate details of your future love life.  People still flock to the old gypsy woman who gazes into the crystal ball telling the future as a green back crosses her palm. 


The world is full of people whose profession is to tell the future -- stock analysts, insurance raters, sports commentators, military strategists, government budget analysts, economists, and let's not forget the all-seeing and all-knowing television weather forecaster. 


Everywhere we turn there are people who are telling us what the future has in store.  And it seems that everyone wants to know the future, but is there evidence to prove that anyone can reliably foretell what may be around the corner of time?  Is there a reliable way to predict the future? 


Critics say attempts to predict the future is folly.  It cannot be done.  They say there are too many random events, too many external and unknown factors that can make reliable predictions for the future impossible. 


Regardless, like indigenous tribes it is necessary that modern society look at the probabilities inherent in certain trends in order to plan for the future. Can this be done logically with complete confidence in the results? 


Reliability of the Law of Probability  

Some experts say that mathematics is the ultimate fortune teller.  In mathematics, the probability theory or the law of total probability is that "the prior probability of A is equal to the prior expected value of the posterior probability of A." That is, for any random variable N, Pr (A) = E [Pr (A \ N)] where Pr (A\N) is the conditional probability of A given N.  Did you get that? 


Okay, If you had ten marbles of different colors each in a box, the chances of you picking a particular color is one out of ten. If you had three marbles, the chances would be one out of three. If there was only one marble, the probability would be a hundred percent. No matter what the circumstances are, you will always end up with that color because that is the only one in the box.


The same is true in life. You will always end up with the desire you want to manifest in your life if you focus only on that one desire.


A high-end scientific computer programmed with the law of total probability formula is capable of calculating which variable events are most likely to occur in order of likelihood.  Business and governments have been using computers to foretell the future for many years.  For example, forecasting population and occupational trends is easy work for massive computers. 


Nonetheless, regardless of the best mathematical theories and scientific prediction modalities, the results of business and government experts are no more reliable than the high-stakes gambler.  Just when they think they have it all figured out, something flies in out of the blue sky and throws all their equations and results out the door.  Is there a better way to know the future?

Reliability of Prophesy

Every religion and culture around the globe has prophets who pronounce coming events.  There are forty-eight male and seven female prophets named in the Old Testament (Talmud).  In Islam it is said there are a total of twenty-five prophets instructed by Allah (God).  Even though Hinduism and Buddhism has only one single prophet called Buddha, thousands of gurus and priests are considered prophets.  Down through the ages, men and women who were not necessarily connected with a particular religion, such as Michel de Nostredamus of France, Khalil Gibran, Mahatma Gandhi, Ge Hong, and thousands of others have been called prophets. 


A close examination of all prophesies of all religions reveal some interesting observations.  Religion-base prophesies are not any more reliable than non-religious prophesies and prophesies as a whole are highly reliable according to theology scholars.


According to Dr. Hugh Ross in his article, Fulfilled Prophecy: Evidence for the Reliability of the Bible, "the Bible accurately foretells specific events-in detail-many years, sometimes centuries, before they occur. Approximately 2500 prophecies appear in the pages of the Bible, about 2000 of which already have been fulfilled to the letter—no errors. (The remaining 500 or so reach into the future and may be seen unfolding as days go by.)"


Prophesies foretold in the Islamic Koran are proven reliable according to Ibn Anwar in his article Preservation and Reliability of the Qur’an. 


The Prophecy Fullfilled webpage says, "...the Baha'is have pointed to the prophecies in the Hindu scriptures and stated that all of these have been fulfilled in this age. There are many passages in the Hindu writings which describe the condition of the world at the end of the Kalki Yuga. Baha'is would say that what is described in the Hindu books is exactly what we are seeing in the world today...  Each of the world's major religions contain... prophecies. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, the Zoroastrian religion and even the Native American religions all foretell..."


Prophecies are delivered to the prophet from the Source by dreams and waking visions.


Premonition, Intuition  and Dreams

Precognition or premonition is a forewarning of a future event distinguished by feelings of anxiety.  The gut-feelings of premonition is not like intuition that is generally positive in nature.  A premonition is full of foreboding suggesting a future disaster or other negative event.  A premonition is emotionally charged with suspicion and often does not appear to have any discernable source or reason.


Intuition is the immediate insight, comprehension, discernment or perception by a feeling or sense of a thing without reasoning.  Mothers always seem to have an extra portion of intuition given to them at the moment of giving birth and babies are given a certain "knowing" without the benefit of being taught. It is said that women in general have a stronger sense of intuition because they are more emotionally in tune with the people around them and their environment.  Creative people exercise their intuitive abilities more than others as evidenced by product of the creativity.  Prophets and spiritual elders are often intuitive and acknowledge this ability in their work.


Intuition is the ability to see anything in its wholeness, in its evolution before it transpires -- the seed, flower and fruit.   It is our belief that all humans have the ability of "knowing" by intuition, similar to animal instincts, and those abilities can be increased by practice and faith.  It is our belief that humans can and do know everything in existence without any obstructions of space, time, former instruction or prior exposure.   We all have the ability to sense and know the invisible, the unknown -- even that which has not take place yet.


Dreams are another matter entirely.  Volumes can be said about dreams, especially American Indian dreams and visions that are considered another form of reality. 


The visions of Black Elk, Tenskwautawa, Smohalla, Wovoca and other American Indian spiritual elders were not always immediately understood and the coming events they predicted appeared at the time to be out of step with current events, but like prophets of other cultures, their visions withstood the test of time and proved themselves worthy of being called truth seekers, prophets. 


Dreams bring out a rise of insight and deeper revelations. They are a reflection of both the inner spirit and messages from the Creator.  Dreams are guides through the maze of life and show the path to remembrance and the future.  Dreams also reveal facets of the here and now and from a perspective that may be different from the dreamer's normal experiences in every day life -- The dreamers viewpoint is altered or enhanced, as if flying far above the landscape of reality.  Spirit dreams are induced through prayer, ceremony, fasting, lonely vigils, and sacrifice.  Dreams can foretell the individual destiny of the Dreamer and reveal connections with Spirit beings and the Great Mystery.   Signs and messages graphically appear in colorful landscapes and backgrounds as Spirit dreams weave sometimes intricate details beyond space and time to disclose secrets of the future.


Dreams are sacred, originating from the soul of the inner-self and dwelling place of everything that is good and harmonious within us.  Dreams have the ability to influence good health, cure disease and heal.  Conversely, dreams that are ignored can cause illness or adversity.  Dreams are the unconscious desires and secret longings of the soul, that may be in disagreement with the conscious self, the personality.  When confronted with a bad dream, the dreamer seeks out the guidance of a spiritual elder to perform ceremonies or provide counseling or other assistance.


Dreams and visions do come true.  Prophecies come from dreams.  Prophecies are highly reliable.




Dreams on the Sacred Mountain...

A waking, walking vision was given to Grandfather Lee Standing Bear Moore beginning on the night of the winter solstice (December 21, 2009: 17:47 and continued until the solar eclipse and the new moon appeared on January 15, 2010.