A Message from the Trees 

A Powerful Proverb

American Indian by Luke Easter

American Indian Poem by Luke Easter

Animal Rights and Wrongs

An Indian is an Indian

As I Sit Here

As Man Today

Coming Home

Dancing the Hunt


Five Fingered Ones

Full Circle Celebration

God and America

Great Spirit Prayer


Horse Nation

I Am Who I Am

I Believe

I Cried Out!

Indian In The Living Room

I Send You Light

Indians Worship the Creator

Let The Oil Fall

Manataka Celebration

Manataka Pride

Moon and Drum by Robert Bandit Eaton

Mountains Speak

My Cathedral By Joseph Crew

My Prayer


Navajo Wind Prayer

New Indian Country Today

Owl and the Bear

The Pearl Of Letting Go

People of the Longhouse

Poems by John Three Eagles

Poetry by Juli Maltagliati

Powwow Dancer by Dan Beatty

Take A Step Up!

The Only Law of Life

The Times On Mother Earth

The Valley of Peace

Unconditional Love

We Honor the Bear

Woman and a Fork 

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