Animal Abuse

On Thin Ice

Pets or Prisoners  10-01-11

Pharmaceutical Monsters Take Over Veterinary Medicine!

The Thrill of the Kill: Captive Hunts


Animal Health

Feed Our Friends - A Project for Wildlife New!

Florida and Missouri are Full of Surprises

Help Your Pet Live a Lighter, Healthier Life

Sarvey Wildlife Care Center


Animal Rights Laws and Management

A New Threat to Rural Freedom   New!

Maintain Your Integrity

Oppose USDA's Mandatory Property and Animal Surveillance

Thomas Young:  One Man’s Love of Animals

Unimak wildlife to be managed by understanding of caribou

Wildlife Center Receives Remarkable Donation

Why shouldn’t animals be considered “property” under the law? 


Animal Spirituality

Animal Spirit Guides- Part I

Can People Talk With Animals?

Do Animals Possess a Soul?


Antelope - Deer - Sheep
12,000 endangered Saiga Antelope found dead 

Rambo the Sheep:  My Greatest Teacher



Polar Bears on Endangered Species

Protect the Spirit Bear's Home

The Great Spirit Bear  New!



Animal Cloning - Pros and Cons Discussed

Are You Eating Cloned Meat? 




Yurok tribe brings back California Condor



A Modern Bison Primer

Buffalo Field Campaign


Dolphins - Whales - Fish - Amphibians

Dolphin & Whale Relatives in Trouble

Leather Back Sea Turtle Protection


Felines - Cats - Panthers

The Fall of the Cat of God



Advocates Fight Nevada Wild Horse Roundup

Greed and Slaughter on the Western Range

Native American Horses

North Dakota Wild Horses



Idaho Wants to Kill 60 percent Wolves

Red Wolf In Peril

Study: Return of Wolves Changes

War on Wolves Escalates

Wolf Slaughter Set to Begin

Wolves Lose Vital Protection


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