For thousands of years this sacred site was known as Ma-na-ta-ka (Place of Peace - the Unbroken Circle). Elders of many nations from the four corners of Turtle Island made long pilgrimages to this magnificent place to perform ceremonies and share the gift of the curative waters called No-wa-sa-lon (Breath of Healing). They received other special gifts like healing stones, healing clay and healing herbs to enhance their journey through life.

Read the fascinating and true saga of Manataka
and see how hundreds of tribes, Spanish Conquistadors, two American Presidents, Mayan and Lakota spiritual leaders, and the Rainbow Woman all played a role in the exciting
"Story of Manataka".

The Manataka America Indian Council exists to preserve and protect this sacred place. Welcome to our village! Please come into our lodge and enjoy the gifts we have for you.



  JUNE - JULY 2018 - Manataka EVENTS





  So. American Elders Declare Manataka Sacred

 Maya Council Declares Manataka Sacred

 Chief Arvol Looking Horse Speaks

  Lakota Peter V. Catches Speaks About Manataka

  Xielolixii, Salinan-Chumas Speaks About Manataka

  The Legend of the Quapaw Cave Reexamined

  Honoring The Tula - People of the Great Water


  Columbus Day? True Legacy: Cruelty and Slavery

Suggested Reading

  Manataka: Place of Peace - Myth or Reality? Part I

  LIES Teachers Tell Us About Columbus

  Manataka Sacred Grounds               

  Hot Springs National Park -- Video


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The Manataka American Indian Council is a non-profit, educational, cultural and spiritual organization dedicated to preserving the ancient sacred grounds of Manataka. 


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