Warrior Skills Honoring Warriors

Deer Hide Tanning

Native Living Skills - Tracking

Micmac Wigwams and Lodges

Simple Teepee Assembly Instructions

Teepee Making Excellent Resource

First Sioux to Receive Medal of Honor  New!

Indian Medal of Honor Recipients

National Native American Veterans Assoc.

The Fallen Hero - Tribute to Brett Lundstrom 

U.S. Welcome Home Foundation 

Native American Medal of Honor Monument

National Native American Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Van T. Barfoot “Medal Of Honor”    New!

Warrior Stories

Warrior Stuff

A Warrior's Last Journey (slide show)

Children of the Wind - Comanche

Navajo Code Talker Fact Sheet

Navajo Code Talker Dictionary

Navajo Code Talkers -  Bibliography

20th Century Warriors: Introduction

The Soldier

Manataka Teepees Affordable! Well Made!

Gemstones - Where Are They? 

Veteran Homestead  New!

Native American Heritage Heals Wounded Warriors

Native American Heritage Heals Wounded Warriors
Lacrosse Must Be Returned to the Olympics


Warrior Groups

Bear Society - Men and Women

Warrior Society Handbook  Members Only

Wolf Society - Men and Women


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