Short Video - 8:03 minutes -

HOPE - A Vision of Prophesy


A Message From New Zealand

A Time of Vigilance and the Gift from the

Comet Ison

Ayahuasca: Nature’s Teacher

Cosmic New Age Has Commenced

A World Blessed By God 

Animal Spirit Guides and Totems

10 American Indian Prayers I

10 American Indian Prayers II

10 American Indian Prayers III

American Indian Accuses Federal Agents Thwarting Religious Freedom

American Indian Spirituality Brochure

Amer. Indian Spirituality: Freedom Denied

Black Elk's Visions 

Blue Star Prophesy of the Hopi

Cherokee Council Designates Kituwah Mound Cherokee Full Circle

Cherokee Lord's Prayer

Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Christian Doctrine of Discovery Disputed

Coca, and The Sacred Plants of the Incas

Coca, and The Sacred Plants of the Incas

Cosmic Return

The Despacho Ceremony

Do Animals Possess a Soul?  

8,000 Sacred Drums Ceremony

False Shamans!

Frank Fools Crow on Healing

Fire Fly People

Four Winds Native American Ministry

Forgiveness from Seven Perspectives

Forgiveness - The Exquisite Healer

Forgiveness Theology

Forgiveness - Releasing Yourself

Fulfillment of Hopi Prophesy

Healing Power of the Drum Circle

Hopi Bear Clan Prophesy

Hopi Chief Dan Evemhema

Hopi Knowledge

Hopi Prophesy  

How to Reinterpret Your Body

Incan Prophesy

The Inca Transcripts - Willaru Huayta

Indian Prophesies

Indian Religious Freedom

Inner Ecology Healing

In the Spirit of Our Ancestors

Interview With Pete V. Catches - Part I

Interview With Pete V. Catches - Part II

Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow)

Joseph Beautiful Painted Arrow-Eagle Wing

Keetoowah Prophesy

Keetoowah Spirituality

Knowing is Remembering, Not Learning 

Lakota Spotted Eagle Medicine Man

Lessons of a Sioux Holy Man

Life Honoring Way 


Harvey Walks with Hawks Doyle

Balance and Connectivity

Beyond Human Communication

Changes from our Ancestors

Healing Our Inner-self

Native American Healer

Magnetic Healing

My Mother

Phytomedicinals -  Healing With Plants

Respect of Elders and Ancestors

Spirit Courage

Spirit Hawk (Towodi)

Spiritual Feathers and Energies

Spiritual and Natural Medicine

Spirit Guides, Elders, and Teachers

Spirituality's War with Culturalism

The Great No-thing

The Spiritual Value of Plants

Your Garden of Life

Mayan Words and Wisdom

Medicine Drum of Many Colors

Medicine Wheel Brings Balance

Memories of the Standing Ones

Messages for Clearing the Spiritual Body

Message of Purification from Yukon Territory

Mohawk Prophesies 

My Pilgrimage To Manataka 

Native American Spirituality Booklet

Native American Spirituality: Freedom Denied

Navajo Enemy Way Ceremony  

Navajo Wind Prayer  

Native Thought Versus Christian Belief 

Native Wisdom

New Shamanism

On Prophecy and the Enlightened Ones

Paint With All The Colors of the Wind

Potawatomi Religion & Culture 

Prophesies of New Zealand

Prosperity Theology

Quest for Unity

Random Smudging of people at events

Rael, Joseph (Beautiful Painted Arrow)

Rainbow Souls: Beyond Black and White

Rainbow Warriors 

Red Nations Code of Ethics

Sacred Ceremonies for a Price?

Sacred Council Fires (Elders)

Sacred Frog Medicine Kambo Ceremony

Sacred Heart Lessons  

Sacred Plant Medicine: Tobacco Ceremony (Rapé)

Second Message of Manataka

Servanthood, Sacrifice, and Sacred Love

Seven Fires of the Prophesy - Anishinabe

7 Philosophies for the Native American Man

Seven Sacred Values of Life

Shaumbra Symptoms

Shores Within - The Medicine Way

Significance of the of Our Lady of the Rainbow

Song of Woableza! 

Speak It With Your Lips and It Will Become Reality!

Spirit Hawk (Towodi) by Walks with Hawks Doyle

Spiritual Empowerment of Women

Spiritual Medicine by Norman Cordova

Standing Bear's Formula for Peace

Standing Bear Speaks

Standing Bear: Attention Spiritual Elders 

Survival of the Sundance by Calvin Dupree 

Temple of Union Crystal Healing Ceremony

The Gifting Way vs Love Yourself First

The Great No-thing By Walks With Hawks/Harvey Doyle

The Invisable Gift by Lee Standing Bear

The Language of Tears

The Temple Door

Theology of Proselytizing by Standing Bear 

Traveling the Spiritual Path

Water is Sacred – 10 Inspiring Quotes

Whirling Rainbow Prophesy

Woableza! Spiritual Elder

Winnebago Prophesy

Zintkala Oyate